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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Moving On From 2017 To 2018

posted on December 31, 2017

Moving On From 2017 To 2018

As we move on from 2017 into 2018 I would like to thank everyone who supported Lifeforce. We have had several successes from the significant increase in support of a vegan healthy lifestyle to stopping animal experiments to protecting wildlife.

Cetaceans Win!
The Vancouver Parks Board passed a total ban on the captivity of cetaceans. The amended 1996 Cetacean Bylaw will finally end the cetacean suffering! This will help to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans not only in Canada but worldwide!
Vancouver has been a world leader in being a “Green” City. Lifeforce helped Vancouver to be the first city to declare an “Animal Rights Day” (1983); to stop animal acts in circuses; and to close the Stanley Park Zoo.

Lifeforce Ocean Friends
The Lifeforce Ocean Friends Campaign has accomplished a very successful year of marine wildlife protection, humane research and education off Vancouver Island. For example: The Comox Valley Record’s 2017 Highlights includes our documentation of orcas in Comox Harbor (attached).

Nature’s Moments
“A Year of Hope” is a review of the important work that Lifeforce Ocean Friends accomplished in 2017. We hope that everyone enjoyed our first series of Nature’s Moments programs on Shaw TV. You can enjoy them and help us protect wildlife so future generations may have many precious Nature’s Moments. View: https://youtu.be/niFD5-ICodI
View the other 8 shows:

Moving On
As we count our blessings the challenges never end. In 2018 Lifeforce will continue our strategic ground breaking volunteer work that will include bringing more peaceful lifestyles for all life.

Peace On Earth For All ... For All Years!

Peter Hamilton

Lifeforce Founder

Nature's Moments Season Finale

posted on December 19, 2017


Dear Friends:

Here is the final show of the Lifeforce Nature’s Moments series that I started in 2017. And it is “To Be Continued” in 2018. Nature’s Moments: A Year of Hope takes a look back at my ground breaking activism programs that has helped educate the public about the wonders and woes of wildlife. You will see a bit about me in this program and that is a bit unusual. For decades I would try to avoid any personal publicity because I always told the media that the story is not about me... it should be about those who are denied their rights and freedom! Link> https://youtu.be/niFD5-ICodI

Since the creation of Lifeforce in 1981 we have questioned conventional polices. From scientifically fallacious experiments on animals to unhealthy consumption of animals to the captivity of wild and domestic animals we challenged these powerful industries. We provided evidence to help end their financial policies that denied rights to sentient beings with whom we share this planet.

Banning Cetacean Captivity
For profit businesses have perpetuated aquarium and zoo captivity including the increasing inhumane, unnecessary experiments on captives and “rescues” that they call “untapped resources” that are “tools” for many lucrative research careers. They must stop not expand. In contradiction of their claims that “ambassadors of their kind” are needed to save endangered species the facts are that approximately 50% of wildlife populations were lost in the past 40 years. Spending billions on animal prisons instead of preserving their natural homes has proven to be part of the problems NOT the solutions.

Saving Orcas
In 1993 Lifeforce got a small boat donated to us and that allowed us to bear witness to the harassment of orcas by boaters. At that time the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) numbered approximately 84. They are now at 76. So Lifeforce started the campaigns such as educating boaters. We were verbally abused and our boat nearly capsized when “waked” by some companies. Our actions lead to laws to protect orcas and to get them endangered species status.
From “scientific” beliefs to “old wise but wrong tales” I provided evidence to stop the lies. This stopped the captivity of orcas at the Vancouver Aquarium and now there is a total ban on all cetaceans.

Nature’s Moments Reveals the Truths
As you see in Nature’s Moments I question the belief that marine mammal eating orcas will attack humpbacks in BC waters. This ecotype of orca attacks Humpbacks in other geographical areas. However there has never been a documented attack in BC. My theory is that in the Salish Sea the increasing numbers of Humpbacks have not been food sources of these orca who eat seals, sea lions, porpoise and others. Perhaps they will coexist.

I also ask if seals and sea lions are leading idyllic lives or are they victims. This is an important question since humans continue to blame them for fish depletion while whales, dolphins, herons and many other species need to eat fish. Any fish quotas for wildlife? Wildlife has no choices to go to the grocery store as do humans!

In “Rare Moments” I further challenge the old beliefs and show mutual foraging strategies between species. Most of us have seen this with gulls getting fish scraps from seals. Our humane research found wonderful symbiotic relations between somewhat unusually paired species. We documented a foraging team of humpbacks and sea lions. We saw Resident orcas and Pacific white-sided dolphins swimming and hunting together.

Lifeforce would greatly appreciate your help to continue our creative, necessary work. Please Spread the Words... Freedom NOT Captivity! and Peace for All Life NOT More Experiments! Since 1981 I have been fighting this upstream battle that now we are winning. In some cases, such as the SRKWs, they don’t have any more time for ineffective business organizations to squander donations and continue to hamper positive changes.

Please see our Membership and Donation Form to learn how you can receive our Ocean Friends Education kits, boat research trips, and much more. ( www.lifeforcefoundation.org )

Peace For All Life... For All Year,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Peace For All Life In 2018

posted on December 4, 2017

Peace For All Life In 2018

Dear Friends:

Lifeforce has greatly appreciated the moral and financial help from those supporting our important work. We hope that you will continue and others will join in. We cannot continue this vital volunteer work with the less than $8,000 in memberships and donations every year. I cannot continue to loan money to Lifeforce to keep us going.

Friends or Foes?
I also hope that you will carefully look at claims not only by destructive industries but also by other organizations that have made animal protection work big business. Many of them have taken credit for our work and promoted campaigns that perpetuated the abuses. This includes those who supported only a ban on wild animal circus acts NOT the abuse of domestic animals too; those who used our anti-vivisection investigations to establish their organizations; the “sea shepherd” who supported all Vancouver Aquarium expansions; himself and others who opposed the Cetacean Bylaw Ban that Lifeforce fought for and achieved and all the “office” organizations that have now claimed to be the “Save the Orcas” saviours.

Before you donate investigate an organization’s any original, creative history! Find the true activists. There are many great groups out there! Maximize the impact of your support!

Lifeforce Achievements
This year Lifeforce projects have received good media attention. From getting an improved Cetacean Ban Bylaw in Vancouver to educating the public through our volunteer Nature’s Moments Shaw TV shows we have reached many. Check out our web site, Facebooks and petitions > www.lifeforcefoundation.org

Since 1981 we have educated countless people around the world. Our messages are to respect and protect all life with whom we share this planet in order to instill “A Respect for All Life”. Lifeforce’s 3 Es looks at How Humans Eat, Entertain, and Experiment. We show people how to live eco friendly lifestyles which do not harm people, animals and ecosystems.

We Need Your Help
I hope that the “Holiday Spirit” will be with you to help all life throughout the year. Lifeforce does not pay any lucrative salaries. As volunteers all of our financial support goes to the campaigns. I hope that you will want to help Lifeforce.

Peace For All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director

Rare Nature's Moments

posted on November 27, 2017

Rare NatureHere is our latest video. Lifeforce Ocean Friends investigations have discovered many nature wonders that range from rarely seen species to cross species interactions. Our work helps develop strategies to protect wildlife. We share some in Rare Nature’s Moments.
Rare Nature’s Moments.

No More Dolphins! No More Parkland! No More Aquarium Legal Challenges To Cetacean Ban!

posted on November 24, 2017

No More Dolphins! No More Parkland! No More Aquarium Legal Challenges To Cetacean Ban!

At Least 54 Reasons to Boycott the Vancouver Aquarium - 54 deaths in 53 years! “Chester” a False killer whale
died today.

In 2014 Lifeforce proposed to DFO’s Paul Cottrell to give the baby FKW a chance at freedom by locating the family pod that was obviously nearby the beaching. We asked about getting a tape of the baby’s vocalization and playing the vocalization in various areas to attract the pod. We also contacted several whale watch companies and others in the area to report any sightings.
Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder and who has been part of Canadian and US Rescue Networks stated, “Was the VA using this baby to try to stop the support of phasing out cetaceans in captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium? The fact is that not all survive and trying to “rescue” wildlife to perpetuate captivity is inhumane.”

Contrary to VA “rare to sight and research needed” claims when captured, FKWs populations have been extensively studied for decades and have been listed as species seen in BC by DFO and the Vancouver Aquarium. From 1992 to 2003 one lived in local Vancouver waters from Horseshoe Bay to Point Roberts.

Public opinion is against captivity, but the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) insists on perpetuating the international marine mammal slave trade. The VA continues to promote the imprisonment of intelligent, sentient creatures such as orcas by breeding belugas with Sea World and more. Wildlife suffers physically and psychologically because their social and behaviour needs cannot be provided for in captivity. They can develop painful ulcers from the stress and die prematurely. They can be subjected to experiments. Some have been sold or traded to zoos and aquariums worldwide. VA had many failed breeding programs. Three orca babies, ten beluga babies and two Pacific white-sided dolphin babies have died. From 1964 to 2017 at least 9 orcas, 7 narwhals, 1 False killer whale, 21 belugas, 2 Harbour porpoise, and 14 Pacific white-sided dolphins have died as a result of their pro captivity agenda!

In May 2017 the Vancouver Parks passed a bylaw to ban all further captivity of cetaceans. Instead of moving on from imprisoning sentient wildlife the Vancouver Aquarium is taking the City to court to try to continue cetacean captivity. They presently have 1 cetacean in Vancouver, several belugas in US aquariums, and others in a Spanish aquarium that they manage.

Further information: Lone False Killer in Vancouver Waters for 10 Years
False killer whale Freedom.
Chester Dies.

Four More Nature's Moments Programs

posted on November 23, 2017

Four More NatureHere is our latest four Nature’s Moments Programs
Humpback Heaven or Hell? raises the issues of both boater and whale safety. Both people and humpbacks have been seriously injured. The Lifeforce Ocean Friends video shows boaters the whale behaviours to look for and how they can reduce risks so all can enjoy. See them all at Shaw TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JIr6XT4YsA&list=PL20EhecUEwZtRht4xD58QlrNqlVQU2_-2

Nature's Moments - Bird Wise

Nature's Moments - Seals & Sea Lions

Nature's Moments - Southern Resident Killer Whales

Nature's Moments - Humpback Whales

Hopefully A Revived Movement To Free All Animals In Circuses!

posted on November 9, 2017

Hopefully A Revived Movement To Free All Animals In Circuses!

Finally both wild and domestics are being banned from circuses! Hopefully this is part of a revived movement to free all!
The two newest victories come from Windsor, Ontario and the country of Italy. They will ban all animal acts!
Lifeforce’s circus investigations first led to a ban on of all animal acts in circuses in two cities in British Columbia, Canada (1980s). However another Vancouver organization got involved and compromised for only “wild” animals in Vancouver. Lifeforce even had a prominent Shriner agreed that horses and dogs had suffered. Horses were pulled to ground to be repeatedly kicked and whipped. They were bleeding too. Also a dog’s leg was probably broken jumping through a hoop. The circus quickly hid the dog.
But the backroom dirty deed that compromised animal protection was done in Vancouver. Then many cities sold out the “domestics”. Many abuses continued with horses, dogs and birds! And most of the times the wild animals were just kept in the travel trailers.
We were ahead of the times back in the 80s. Based on my investigations of the circus in Burnaby, Canada, I alerted Rick West of the Victoria SPCA. He got veterinarian Ken Langelier to inspect them. He concurred with my findings such as the numerous wounds on the horses. That led to ban on all species in Saanich, BC then Victoria, BC.
We must stop all wild and domestic animal acts! They all suffer! More “domestics” will continue to be abused if “wild” acts are only stopped!

Partial Freedom For Endangered Orca Rights

posted on November 7, 2017

Partial Freedom For Endangered Orca Rights

News Release
October 28, 2017
Re: Partial Freedom for Endangered Orca Rights
When Lifeforce learnt about the low populations of West Coast Orcas in the early 90s we have been instrumental in improving laws and protection for them. As we succeeded in the US for increased boat up to 400 yards and better government enforcement, Canadian regulators appeared to protect commercial interests and not endangered orcas. Finally, after increased public awareness of their plight, the Department of Fisheries will now increase the distances between commercial and private boats from 100 metres to 200 metres in the Spring of 2018. However we will continue to demand equal legal protection of up to 400 metres. This was recently supported by Lynne Barre, US NOAA. See Lifeforce Petition: Equal Laws to Protect West Coast Endangered Orcas! Petitioning Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard: dominic.leblanc@parl.gc.ca and Minister of Environment and SARA > https://www.change.org/p/dominic-leblanc-minister-of-fisheries-oceans-and-canadian-coast-guard-dominic-leblanc-parl-gc-ca-equal-laws-to-protect-west-coast-endangered-orcas/u/21611059
Lifeforce will also continue to stop the accumulative and life threatening field experiments on wild orcas. See Lifeforce Petition: Stop Barbaric Orca Satellite “Tags” and Skin Biopsies! Petitioning TheSec@DOC.gov > https://www.change.org/p/thesec-doc-gov-stop-barbaric-orca-satellite-tags-and-skin-biopsies
Lifeforce Founder, Peter Hamilton, asks, “Why has it taken so long for governments to take effective actions? Since the early 90s, the Vancouver based ecology/animal rights organization has been fighting for changes that should include:
1. Fish moratoriums to save marine life that form a delicate web of life;
2. Stopping field experiments such as "dart" tracking and skin biopsies in polluted waters that can lead to infections and death (Orca L95 died in March 2016 and others are missing).
3. Increasing boat distances and educating commercial and pleasure boaters;
4. Ending all cetacean captivity and captive experiments through a worldwide ban.
Hopefully these steps forward will not be too late!”

For Further Information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com
Lifeforce Ocean Friends: https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Friends-1442963759271400/

Lifeforce Support 2018

posted on November 7, 2017

Lifeforce Support 2018

Dear Friends of Lifeforce:
I hope that you have welcomed the information about our numerous campaigns and successes in 2017. We have taken many huge steps forward to protect animals and our planet.
I was hoping that you would consider taking out a 2018 membership. This will certainly help us continue our vital volunteer work. As a special “Thank You” I will send you the set of three Marine Wildlife cards that I photographed, wrote, and designed. (See attachment)
These “I Love Orcas” and “I Love Humpbacks” represents some of my groundbreaking studies into their behaviours and travel patterns. I have found that in our waters the Transient orcas (marine mammal eaters) do not attack Humpback Whales as seen elsewhere in the world. I have also documented compatible foraging with Orcas and Pacific white-sided dolphins along with joint hunting between Humpbacks and sea lions. I hope to complete two Field Guides in early 2018 and more Nature’s Moment education television shows on SHAW TV North Island and their You Tube site.
It has been a very busy year. One of our major accomplishments was to get some Equal Laws for Endangered Orcas in Canada. It has taken many years. Years ago we did get safer boat distances and improved enforcement in the US. Canada has agreed to increase the distance from 100 meters to 200 meters. However this still may not include all the protection as in the US. I will keep you up to date through our emails, Facebooks and web site at www.lifeforcefoundation.org
In Respect for All Life,

Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

A Very Curious Humpback!

posted on August 10, 2017

A Very Curious Humpback!

On Aug 5, 2017 a very curious Humpback came over to the Lifeforce Ocean Friends boat near Cortez Island, BC. Peter Hamilton was conducting the Lifeforce Ocean Friends education, research, and protection work. Information at Ocean Friends: https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Friends-1442963759271400/

This includes Humpback and Gray Whale Watching – Safety for People and Whales (see Poster below). Humpbacks and others are being seriously injured by boaters! Recently a boat hit a Humpback in the Victoria area also injuring two passengers.

This whale is Geometry “BCZ0338” and Lifeforce has recorded the first known sighting of the whale around Campbell River / Comox this year.
Read the Larry Pynn story in the Vancouver Sun story about this rare encounter > Curious Humpback.

This type of behaviour happened last year near Comox with a 2 year old humpback, “Lorax”. As see in the video below. This behaviour is sometimes called “mugging”.

New Nature’s Moments
Lifeforce’s third episode titled “Humpbacks of the Salish Sea” is now airing on SHAW TV and on their You Tube at Humpbacks of the Salish Sea. Photographed by Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Ocean Friends, this is a series exploring and documenting marine life and other wildlife in and around the Salish Sea.

Springer Celebration: Did We Learn Anything?

posted on July 22, 2017

Springer Celebration: Did We Learn Anything?Recent News:
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has opened a platform for feedback on its scientific review of the effectiveness of recovery measures for southern resident killer whales. Lifeforce has urge them to immediately take the following 3 actions. Comments must be in by July 31, 2017.
News Release
July 20, 2017
Springer Celebration: Did We Learn Anything?
It is good news that the reuniting of a young orca with her family proved that scientific biases and aquarium propaganda promoting captivity were incorrect. Wildlife has innate, inherent instincts. Lucky for Springer that the international rescue team had their plans and not a proposal by the Vancouver Aquarium. They wanted to have Springer moved from the Washington State rehabilitation sea pen to a sea pen at their research station near Vancouver instead of back to her home waters up north. Her family travels near Telegraph Cove where she immediately reunited with them.
However, the bad news is that the threats to the survival of orcas and others continue. The three major risks to the survival of orcas is boat traffic, lack of food, and pollution. Boat traffic interrupts foraging and lifestyles. It can also cause severe to fatal injuries.
There are many actions to be taken but the following actions need to be immediately implemented:
1. DFO has failed to provide safe boat distances from orcas in their proposed new Marine Mammal Regulations. They want to keep the harmful 100 meters distance when the US has regulated distances of up to 400 meters. They will increase it to 200 meters for 800 belugas in the St. Lawrence River but not for the 78 Southern Resident Orcas and others on the West Coast.
There must be equal laws! Endangered transboundary species need equal, legal protection in both countries.
Lifeforce has started the following petition:
2. Moratoriums must be put on fisheries and there needs to be more habitat restoration in order to recover salmon essential for the orcas' survival.
3. Captivity of cetaceans must end!
The Vancouver Aquarium is threatening legal action to overturn the Vancouver Parks Board’s Bylaw that now bans cetaceans. The Senate action to ban cetacean captivity in Canada must be supported.
The Vancouver Aquarium stated the orca slave trade in 1964 when they tried to harpoon an orca to use as a model for a sculpture. That led numerous aquariums capturing 68 orcas with others drowning during the brutal captures. They removed a generation of young orcas that continues to create an abnormal age and sex ratio. There have been 53 cetacean deaths in 53 years as a result of the Vancouver Aquarium pro captivity business. The Vancouver Aquarium’s John Nightingale recently told CBC that he supports all cetacean captivity and that still includes orca captivity.
For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

New Nature’s Moments

posted on July 18, 2017

New Nature’s Moments

Lifeforce’s third episode titled “Humpbacks of the Salish Sea” is now airing on SHAW TV and on their You Tube at https://youtu.be/7JIr6XT4YsA
Photographed by Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Ocean Friends, this is a series exploring and documenting marine life and other wildlife in and around the Salish Sea.
For further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Support The Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw Ban!

posted on June 16, 2017

Support The Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw Ban!

On June 15th, within a couple of hours of the Vancouver Aquarium media coverage of their law suit to try to overturn the cetacean bylaw ban, another cetacean died. The death was reported today. Please support the Cetacean Bylaw Ban. Read attachment.

Nature’s Moments

posted on June 9, 2017

Nature’s Moments

Lifeforce is pleased to announce the June 19th launch of our Ocean Friends’ television show “Nature’s Moments”. In Episode 1 Lifeforce Founder Peter Hamilton photographs Orca off Powell River and Texada Island in British Columbia, Canada (Orca.). In Episode 2 his photographs of Mallard ducklings includes fascinating water running (Mallard Ducklings.)

Nature's Moments is a series of wildlife photography based on the research and education campaigns by Lifeforce Ocean Friends. (Facebook: Ocean Friends). It is a Community Access volunteer presentation by Ocean Friends in cooperation with ShawTV North Island. Vancouver will start at the end of June. Check your local Shaw station or go to the Shaw You Tube Shaw TV North Island You Tube.

Our goal is to bring greater public awareness to the plight of wildlife and oceans. In June, we celebrate Orca Awareness Month and World Oceans Day.

Ocean Friends is a volunteer program and your memberships and donations help us continue our research and education programs. Lush Cosmetics North America is an important supporter of Ocean Friends. Your support helps raise public awareness of the need to respect and protect endangered wildlife. To make a donation see Lifeforce Donations.

We hope you enjoy our shows that will include the lives of insects, birds, Humpback whales, and many others.

For further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Cetaceans Win!

posted on May 16, 2017

Cetaceans Win!

May 15, 2017
News Release: Cetaceans Win!

The Vancouver Parks Board has passed a total ban on the captivity of cetaceans. The amended Cetacean Bylaw will finally end the cetacean suffering from Aquarium business propaganda! This will help to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans worldwide!

There will not be any exemptions such as rescue, research, and captive born. Permitting any imprisonment of cetaceans for any reason is unnecessary and would perpetuate captivity. The Vancouver Aquarium said that they will “rescue” from all “Canadian shores” so that would have led to many more captive cetaceans. For decades the so-called “unreleaseables” have been used as a free source for aquarium/zoo animal markets.

Recent comments by John Nightingale claiming the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) never did whale and dolphin shows are just the tip of their iceberg of misinformation. CBC stated, “Nightingale's save-a-space-for-rescue whales song rings hollow for some, against the backdrop of the aquarium's long history of fatalities, punctuated by the death of two belugas — Qila and Aurora — in 2016.” (May 13). The Aquarium iceberg is melting. The truth is beginning to prevail. Aquariums and zoos failed to educate and to stop the decline of wildlife. The VA started the orca slave trade that decimated the Southern Resident Killer Whales. No more cetacean circus captives and “research tools”. Give Respect for Cetaceans!

The Aquarium fear mongers know very well that in the rare cetacean rescue cases there is a team from government, NPOs, companies, and the public that help. There are also many examples of local people rescuing orcas and others. The Bylaw ban isn’t going to increase harm to any cetacean. The VA recently said that it is also about jobs and loss of revenue. In 2007, they held a conference to discuss how to get more lucrative government and private business grants to grow their research and captivity businesses. VA calls sentient captives and “rescues” as “untapped resources” as “tools” for their questionable experiments.

Vancouver has been a world leader in being a Green City. Vancouver was one of the first to stop wild animal acts in circuses. Vancouver closed the Stanley Park Zoo. Vancouver tried to ban cetaceans in 1996.

Lifeforce has been fighting the VA expansions and captivity since 1980. Our direct action to document cruelty during the 1990 VA beluga hunt in Churchill, MB led to Canada ending captures and exports by foreign countries. 52 cetaceans have died in 52 years as a result of the Vancouver Aquarium pro cetacean captivity business.

“If people are against capturing and imprisoning wild cetaceans then they should also be against capturing frightened, sick, and injured wild cetaceans for a life sentence in a pool prison being subjected to highly questionable experiments, stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, We cannot justify saving “rescues” for them to suffer and die in captivity.”

The Vancouver Parks Board is taking the humane highway. Recently France banned all cetacean breeding and any further captivity of cetaceans... http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39834098#share-tools

Lifeforce recommendations were:
1. The three cetaceans presently at the aquarium should be retired from the day long forced circus tricks and stressful psychologically and/or physically painful experiments. For example, researchers tried for over a year to put blinders on two dolphins. They finally stopped trying to force one of the dolphins.
2. The Vancouver Aquarium (VA) should be looking for sea pens for such retirement and any possible future rescues. The VA has noisy public crowds all day and most evenings. Studies have shown that dolphins develop ulcers after being put on public display. A sea pen would allow for a diverse life with other sea life in a natural environment.
The Aquarium was trying to pen the lone orca, Springer, at their research station on nearby Popham Island, BC. The Aquarium should also locate any feasible DFO marine research stations and/or private businesses. There are several possibilities in BC waters. There are also non profit organizations that have located some suitable BC locations.
3. What exactly are their new plans for building more pools? The VA must reapply for a new building permit through proper public process for the present 2017 plans. The old 2006 expansion is outdated. Or they preferably would simply spend the government monies on sea pens not pool prisons.
For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

News Release: Thar We Blow The Aquarium Myths!

posted on May 12, 2017

News Release: Thar We Blow The Aquarium Myths!

News Release
May 12, 2017

Re: Thar We Blow the Aquarium Myths!

Lifeforce believes that clarification is needed because of all the misinformation by the Vancouver Aquarium (VA). Their web site is certainly not the "Real Facts". This is part of a Lifeforce upcoming report. Those who have looked thoroughly at the cetacean captivity issues want the physical and psychological suffering to end.

The Aquarium propaganda is fear mongering. It attacks those who support the rights of cetaceans and misleads the public. The Aquarium fear mongers know that in the rare cetacean cases there is a team from government, NGOs, companies, and public that help. There are also many examples of local people rescuing orcas and others. A ban isn’t going to increase harm to any cetacean. They don’t want it to harm their “publish or perish” research and captivity businesses.

Please contact Lifeforce for the full News Release PDF.

Support a Cetacean Bylaw to Finally End Captivity!
Vancouver has been a world leader. Vancouver was one of the first to stop wild animal acts in circuses. Vancouver closed the Stanley Park Zoo. Cetaceans must not wait for a referendum, must not wait for a Canada wide ban, and must not suffer from more Aquarium propaganda.
The Cetacean Bylaw is the only way to end the suffering. It is time to make amendments to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans.

For further information: Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce, lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

April 24th: World Day For Animals In Laboratories

posted on April 23, 2017

April 24th: World Day For Animals In Laboratories


The St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC is planning to relocate for a new hospital completion in 2022. Few people knew about the experiments that started in the late 50s and continues today. Our campaign is aimed at stopping any new animal labs.

"Animal models" do not have the naturally occurring human problems. There are major biological and anatomical differences between and within species, sexes, age groups, races, and so on. Drugs proven “safe” in animals have caused injuries and death in humans. Also drugs that fails the animal tests may still be tested in humans and may harm or help them. Human and non animal studies are the only way to find cures for human maladies.

As you will see in our new video of the history of animal experiments at St. Paul’s Hospital the animal victims included monkeys, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, rats, and mice. Animals are subjected to various experimental surgeries, forced to inhale cigarette smoke, and much, much more. Any species of animals can be subjected to extreme pain in the Canadian peer review research system. The lucrative animal research industry must not be allowed to repeat St. Paul’s Dark History of Vivisection.


The Providence Health Care ( thenewstpauls@providencehealth.bc.ca ) and the City of Vancouver ( newstpauls@vancouver.ca ) are asking for public input during the planning process. Please tell them that the proposed research tower should only be modern, innovative technology. No More Animal Experiments!

Please also see our other Petition: Stop the Pain! Stop Vivisection Canada! In addition to a complete phase out over the 10 years, this petition seeks to first stop some of the most painful experiments on animals.
Stop Vivisection Canada.

Sign and pass it on to your friends, family, physicians, politicians, and others. You can help protect people and animals from inhumane, scientifically fallacious animal experiments that are a waste of health care funds!

Earth Days: Save Oceans!

posted on April 22, 2017

Earth Days: Save Oceans!
Read Ocean Friends https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Friends-1442963759271400/

Equal Laws To Protect West Coast Endangered Orcas

posted on April 17, 2017

Equal Laws To Protect West Coast Endangered OrcasLifeforce just started the petition "Equal Laws to Protect West Coast Endangered Orcas!" and we hope that everyone will help by adding your name.
Our goal is to reach thousands of signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

Equal Laws to Protect West Coast Endangered Orcas.


Aquarium Sins

posted on April 12, 2017

Aquarium Sins

Cetaceans Died for Aquarium and Zoo Sins!
Support the final ban on cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium!

Lifeforce Ocean Friends Visit Orca Family With 2 Babies

posted on April 3, 2017

Lifeforce Ocean Friends Visit Orca Family With 2 Babies

March 30, 2017: Orca Fun Time

After all the months of foul weather we finally opened our Lifeforce Ocean Friends studies. And what a wonderful beginning with 6 orcas that included both 4 month and 7 month young babies.

We were off the Powell River Mill as they foraged and played for over 1.5 hours slowly heading south. We saw breaches, head views, back flips, tail fluke slaps, and lots more.

These Transient orcas were T087, T124C, and T124As (the 2 moms and 2 babies).

We are also very busy creating and putting together our Ocean Friends education kits. If you donate for an Ocean Friends Membership you not only help Lifeforce protect marine wildlife you will receive a kit and a boat tour. You can enjoy the many precious wonders of nature. We can see orcas, Humpbacks, Grays, porpoises, seals, sea lions, bird life, and so much more!

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Help End Cetacean Captivity!

posted on March 9, 2017

Help End Cetacean Captivity!

If you haven't already done so please send a quick email saying, "Please implement a Bylaw to end cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium now!"
Special Board meeting: Cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium
Wednesday, March 8, 6:00pm
Vancouver Park Board Administration Office, 2099 Beach Ave
This meeting was extended to Thursday, March 9 at 6PM

The emails are:
PBcommissioners@vancouver.ca; mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

The End?
The aquarium and zoo circuses are part of the problems not the solutions. They cannot provide the physical and psychological necessities of cetacean life and will never teach people about their lives in the wild.
Since 1981, Lifeforce has fought for cetacean freedom through all of the Vancouver Aquarium expansions that has always meant more pools and more captives. Now after 52 cetacean deaths in 52 years of cetacean captivity it is time to end the suffering!
This is a crucial time as the Aquarium has only 3 cetaceans left – a False killer whale, a Pacific white-sided dolphin, and a Harbour porpoise. Five cetaceans died between 2015 and 2016. The plan to built more pools and get more cetaceans must be stopped!.
I hope this is my last poster > Aquarium Circus - The End
It cannot show all the history of all the suffering but it shows the callous harpooning of an endangered orca that started the orca slave trade, the beluga cut by capture ropes in 1990 and dumped, the first belugas inhumanely kept in the tiny shark tank, the orca Skana who went head first into a broken viewing window requiring 100 stitches, and the forced circus tricks.
As Canada looks at a nationwide cetacean ban the Vancouver Parks Board decision could be a historic breakthrough for dolphin freedom. Get the truth from those without vested interests.
Vancouver stopped wild animal acts in circuses. Vancouver closed the Stanley Park Zoo. Cetaceans must not wait for a referendum, must not wait for a Canada wide ban, and must not suffer from more Aquarium broken promises.
The Cetacean Bylaw is the only way to end the suffering. A Bylaw review was supposed to have been conducted in 2015. It is time to make amendments to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans.
If people are against capturing and imprisoning wild cetaceans then they should also be against capturing frightened, sick, and injured wild cetaceans for any life sentence in a pool prison.
For Freedom,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Valentine Day For All Life

posted on February 9, 2017

Valentine Day For All Life

Here is a Lifeforce Valentine Day card that you can send to your friends that is a cause to truly love.
Since 1981 Lifeforce has campaigned for freedom that would stop the captivity of orcas, belugas, and other sentient creatures with whom we share this planet. We have helped protect the Pacific West Coast orcas decimated by the orca slave trade started by the Vancouver Aquarium.
This plight continues so this Valentine Day hopefully you will give thought to wild and domestic animal who need our help.
Lifeforce’s accomplishments continue s to grow. Your donations are very important for Lifeforce to continue to help all those who need our help. See http://lifeforcefoundation.org/support.php to make a donation.
Let us all give a Happy Valentine Day for All Life!
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

It was under a Canadian Research Permit that Peter Hamilton helped protect the Pacific West Coast orcas decimated by the orca slave trade started by the Vancouver Aquarium.
Lifeforce’s accomplishments continue s to grow. In 1982 Lifeforce helped stop the last attempt to capture orcas in BC. And in 1990 we exposed the inhumane capture of belugas for aquariums worldwide. Currently we are campaigning to strengthen the Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw to finally phase out their captivity.

Big Step Closer To Cetacean Ban!

posted on January 24, 2017

Big Step Closer To Cetacean Ban!News: Big Step Closer to Cetacean Ban
Lifeforce Founder, Peter Hamilton, states, “True Whale Protection Wisdom Wins! The Vancouver Board will seek a Staff Report that would look at the most effective ways to phase out cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. This will include improving the 1996 Cetacean Bylaw to definitely phase out captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium!
Previously to the meeting the Parks Board Chair stated: “... the board got a legal opinion to the effect that the board couldn’t dictate the handling of whales through its lease with the aquarium, but the board could change its own bylaws to ban whales from its parks.”
Lifeforce urged the Vancouver Park Board to implement plans that will definitely lead to the end of cetacean captivity. A plebiscite in 2018 is not good news! The Aquarium plans to build more pools in 2017. Aquariums expansions and other operations are fund by governments. That’s our tax monies! And More Pools Means More Whales!
Any delay tactic would be the 2018 referendum proposed by Kirby-Young who was formerly a Vancouver Aquarium employee. That 2-year delay would jeopardize the phase out of cetaceans.
It is time that the Board uses their Vancouver Charter jurisdiction to restrict animals in any city park by strengthening the Cetacean Bylaw. In 1996 all parties did agree on the phase out goal but the Vancouver Aquarium got it watered it down over the years.
Needless to say that after 52 years later with at least 52 deaths it is time to stop cetacean captivity. We saw the public disapproval of a new zoo expansion after seeing the neurotic, stereotypical behaviours of animals. They saw the polar bears pacing back and forth and back and forth with bleeding paws and now they are learning about the dolphins swimming around and around and around in the tiny, barren tanks.
Let’s help whales and dolphins by phasing out captivity with a stronger Cetacean Bylaw!
Thanks to all who sent emails to the Vancouver Parks Board Commissioners.
For information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

Emails Needed To Strengthen Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw!

posted on January 20, 2017

Emails Needed To Strengthen Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw!Open Letter

Dear Commissioners:

Re: Please Strengthen the Cetacean Bylaw!

Lifeforce urges the Vancouver Park Board to discuss plans that will definitely lead to the end of cetacean captivity. A referendum may not be good news!
It is time that the Board uses your jurisdiction to restrict animals in any city park by strengthening the Cetacean Bylaw. In 1996 all parties did agree on the phase out goal in 1996 but the Vancouver Aquarium got it watered it down over the years.
Would the Vancouver Aquarium actually agree to an unconditional moratorium on bringing in cetaceans until any referendum results? Will that include a moratorium on the planned expansion of new whale pools in 2017?
It is more likely that any “moratorium” would include using the pools for their ongoing collection of “rescues” that will suffer from imprisonment and unnecessary experiments. Of course some will be deemed not suitable for release by the Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian (who advises DFO) while they release some as a public relations ploy for public support for any future referendum.
The Board must also insist on a new building permit application because the present one is 10 years old and expansion plans have changed? What are the new plans?
Will the Board guarantee:
- That all rescue, rehab, and release for cetaceans be done at the center at the foot of Main Street or at the station on Popham Island where they wanted to hold the young orca Springer in a sea pen. They finally completed a proper, sterile facility.
- No “rescued” cetacean would be held at the aquarium. It would be too much of a health risk to use the existing aquarium pools because of the unclear deaths of the two belugas. Toxins can be caused by the captivity issues. There would not be “hospital peace and quiet” in a crowded public area. One way windows and sound barriers would have to be created. The off site, non public building should be used.
Needless to say that after 52 years later with at least 52 deaths it is time to stop cetacean captivity. We saw the public disapproval of a new zoo expansion after seeing the neurotic, stereotypical behaviours of animals. They saw the polar bears pacing back and forth and back and forth with bleeding paws and now they are learning about the dolphins swimming around and around and around in the tiny, barren tanks. Let’s help them and phase out captivity with a better Cetacean Bylaw!
For Freedom,

Peter Hamilton

The Meeting is January 23rd. Please email the Commissioners by Monday Noon: john.coupar@vancouver.ca; casey.crawford@vancouver.ca; sarah.kirby-yung@vancouver.ca; erin.shum@vancouver.ca; catherine.evans@vancouver.ca; stuart.mackinnon@vancouver.ca; michael.wiebe@vancouver.ca;

Tillikum Brought Hope To End Cetacean Captivity

posted on January 6, 2017

Tillikum Brought Hope to End Cetacean Captivity
The orca known as “Tillikum” has died at the estimated young age of 36 (Males live up to 60 years in the wild). He and two females were captured off Iceland following a joint Lifeforce/Greenpeace campaign that stopped Sealand of the Pacific’s plan to capture endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales near Victoria, BC.
Lifeforce Founding Director predicted that he would kill others after the death of Keltie Byrne at Sealand, Victoria, BC in 1991. Lifeforce made recommendations in response to the BC inquest and when Sealand announced plans to sell the orcas to Sea World Lifeforce advised Sea World owners to never put people into the pools with “Tilly
In 1999, a 27-year-old man named Daniel P. Dukes trespassed into the pool and found dead. In 2010 Tillikum that contributed to a third human death. This time it was a trainer at Sea World, Florida. In 1991 he and two others caused the death of a trainer at the now defunct Sealand of the Pacific, Victoria, Canada.
In 2012 Judge Ken Welsch has made his decision in the SeaWorld vs OSHA case. SeaWorld tried to overturn the fines against them following the horrific death of trainer Dawn Brancheau in Florida. The judge upheld that SeaWorld was responsible in death of trainer.
SeaWorld’s contention that it was unaware working with killer whales presents a recognized hazard was refuted by former trainers and information provided by Lifeforce . Lifeforce’s Peter Hamilton provided documentation proving that SeaWorld was fully aware that “Tilikum” and two female orcas were a danger and did kill the Sealand trainer. The documentation included Lifeforce recommendations presented to a Coroners’ Inquest and numerous Lifeforce letters to SeaWorld owners and management. When the orcas were to be sold to SeaWorld Lifeforce urged them to not use them in shows with employees. It was then that Lifeforce’s Peter Hamilton predicted that “Tilikum” could kill again.
Physical and psychological abuse
As with other orcas and dolphins imprisoned in aquarium tanks there was a history of physical and psychological abuse. In this case, during evenings Tillikum and two females were lock up in a steel pen called the "holding module" for approximately 12 hours every night. It measured only approximately 25' x 30' . And it was only 12' deep.
Nootka IV was sent to SeaWorld Florida. She died after 12 years of captivity. Haida and son Ky were sent to SeaWorld Texas. Haida died after 19 years of captivity. In the wild, females can live over 90 years. There are many injuries at SeaWorlds and other aquariums - some very serious. Many are not made public and settled out of court. In 2004 Tillikum's son Ky attacked a trainer in Texas.

Lifeforce Activist’s Rare Footage in Blackfish Movie.

“Tilly’ was in the documentary “Blackfish” that raised public awareness of the plight of captive orcas.

After the death of a whale trainer in the early 90s, activist Peter Hamilton obtained photographic evidence of the abuse of three orcas at Sealand of the Pacific, Victoria. During a covert operation Lifeforce obtained footage of the secret “holding module”. This “prison” was only approximately 25’ x 30’ x 12’. The orcas were locked up every night. They suffered physically and psychologically. Captivity causes abnormal aggressive behaviours.
“Tillikum brought hope to end all cetacean captivity. Lifeforce hopes that Tillikum’s involvement in the death of three people will eventually lead to the death of cetacean captivity at aquariums such as the Vancouver Aquarium,” stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Director, “All dolphins suffered when they are sentenced to life in an aquarium prison and they can cause severe injuries and deaths.”
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Lifeforce in Canada's National newspaper Globe and Mail
Killer whale dies.