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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Help End Cetacean Captivity!
posted on March 9, 2017

Help End Cetacean Captivity!

If you haven't already done so please send a quick email saying, "Please implement a Bylaw to end cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium now!"
Special Board meeting: Cetaceans at the Vancouver Aquarium
Wednesday, March 8, 6:00pm
Vancouver Park Board Administration Office, 2099 Beach Ave
This meeting was extended to Thursday, March 9 at 6PM

The emails are:
PBcommissioners@vancouver.ca; mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

The End?
The aquarium and zoo circuses are part of the problems not the solutions. They cannot provide the physical and psychological necessities of cetacean life and will never teach people about their lives in the wild.
Since 1981, Lifeforce has fought for cetacean freedom through all of the Vancouver Aquarium expansions that has always meant more pools and more captives. Now after 52 cetacean deaths in 52 years of cetacean captivity it is time to end the suffering!
This is a crucial time as the Aquarium has only 3 cetaceans left a False killer whale, a Pacific white-sided dolphin, and a Harbour porpoise. Five cetaceans died between 2015 and 2016. The plan to built more pools and get more cetaceans must be stopped!.
I hope this is my last poster > Aquarium Circus - The End
It cannot show all the history of all the suffering but it shows the callous harpooning of an endangered orca that started the orca slave trade, the beluga cut by capture ropes in 1990 and dumped, the first belugas inhumanely kept in the tiny shark tank, the orca Skana who went head first into a broken viewing window requiring 100 stitches, and the forced circus tricks.
As Canada looks at a nationwide cetacean ban the Vancouver Parks Board decision could be a historic breakthrough for dolphin freedom. Get the truth from those without vested interests.
Vancouver stopped wild animal acts in circuses. Vancouver closed the Stanley Park Zoo. Cetaceans must not wait for a referendum, must not wait for a Canada wide ban, and must not suffer from more Aquarium broken promises.
The Cetacean Bylaw is the only way to end the suffering. A Bylaw review was supposed to have been conducted in 2015. It is time to make amendments to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans.
If people are against capturing and imprisoning wild cetaceans then they should also be against capturing frightened, sick, and injured wild cetaceans for any life sentence in a pool prison.
For Freedom,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder