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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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No More Experiments On Orcas!

posted on September 9, 2019

No More Experiments On Orcas!

Continuing from 2018, on September 4th the US Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC) and the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) began a three week project to attach instrument packs with suction cups on the endangered Southern Residents Killer Whales (SRKW). Even though vessel noise is already a known threat more government money is being wasted to measure more noise levels. It is redundant and will not provide immediate solutions and protections that the orcas desperately need!

Further, on September10th the NWFSC will continue ongoing health assessments of the SRKWs for over 2 weeks. This will include collecting fecal and breath samples as they get way too close to the orcas. Similar work will be done on transient killer whales and humpback whales.

These types of experiments have been conducted for over 10 years and did not save the now endangered SRKWs facing extinction! These close vessel approaches can cause extreme stress, interfere with foraging and interrupt the lives of these endangered orcas.

It is possible that excessive research has caused more harm than good with the known threats such as the continuous vessel following. Also, in 2016 NOAA researchers accidentally killed one orca from the endangered L pod when the orca was infected from using a satellite tracking dart. The numerous unsafe, unnecessary experiments must end.

What orcas need is food, major decreases in research vessel noise and pollution free homes! Let Them Live In Peace!

For further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Please Sign AND Share the Petition! Orcas Must Not Be Treated As Lab Animals! NO MORE EXPERIMENTS.

New Humpback Visitors Nicknamed By Lifeforce Ocean Friends

posted on August 31, 2019

New Humpback Visitors Nicknamed By Lifeforce Ocean Friends

Two new Humpback Whale visitors to the Salish Sea near Comox, BC have been documented by Lifeforce Ocean Friends and the Marine Research and Education Society (MERS).

Here is a recent News Story about our work with Humpback Whales: Humpback Visitors In Island Waters.

Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, took photos of the first one on July 1st and July 21st. Then on July 27th he found the second one. Jackie Hildering from the Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) discovered that both were first time recorded visitors. Photographs will be posted in the MERS Humpbacks of Northern Vancouver Island catalogue.

The First Visitor has been given the nickname ”Spock”. This was based on the humpback’s unusual dorsal fin. The fin is a pointed shape similar to the Vulcan Spock’s ears in the Star Trek shows. The Second Visitor has been given the nickname “Harbor”. This was based on the white pigmentation shape on the left side of the fluke that resembles a Harbor Seal. This name encourages safe harbor to cherish and protect them.

Last July, Hamilton had previously named “Flier” who had a plane type mark on the fluke and did over 20 repeated breaches when first seen.

“Getting to nickname a Humpback is certainly is a special honor”, stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, “Lifeforce continues our very important research that started in 1993. It has led to increase protection for orcas and now we hope that it will raise public awareness of the plight of Humpbacks and others. As their numbers increase in local waters they are being entangled in fishing gear and severely injured by boaters.”

Lifeforce has been fighting to save marine wildlife from extinction since 1981. Our work to stop orca/dolphin captivity succeeded with a cetacean captivity ban at the Vancouver Aquarium.

You can contribute to helping Lifeforce protect them by making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. PAYPAL DONATION.

Thank you!

Peter Hamilton

Lifeforce Founder

Hoping For The End Of Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Expansion!

posted on August 28, 2019

Hoping For The End Of Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Expansion!

Open Letter

To: CEAA Panel CEAA.PanelRBT2-CommissionRBT2.ACEE@canada.ca.
From: Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Foundation
Re: Closing Remarks Roberts Bank Terminal 2

Since 2005 Lifeforce has sent undeniable evidence to stop any expansion of the Roberts Banks Terminal. Numerous others have provided their evidence. Hopefully this is finally the end!

It is rather unbelievable that it was not stopped in 2005 with Environment Canada’s criticism of the expansion at the Roberts Bank Terminal.

Their report included: “EC has adopted the position that the risk of eutrophication within the inter causeway cannot be dismissed. If it does occur, the state of eutrophication is predicted to result in such massive environmental change between the causeways that there would be public outrage as well as agency embarrassment at an international scale, not to mention the loss of productive habitat for a very large and diverse assemblage of biota.” This EC information is in Section 2 Wildlife:

The ongoing environmental reviews and submissions are proof that there are absolutely no measures that can be taken to stop the loss of habitat and the diversity of wild fauna and flora.

As the saying goes “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. Lifeforce would add “ And Endless Hopes”. The endangered orca populations are the unfortunate icons in part representing the human destruction of wildlife and habitats. Lifeforce attaches our picture “Protect All Life and Habitats! Stop Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project! (And Westshore Coal Terminals Too!)”

Leave The Seal Pups Alone!

posted on August 16, 2019

Leave The Seal Pups Alone!

Harbour seals are ubiquitous in coastal waters of British Columbia, and utilize over a thousand haul out sites to rest, moultand give birth. The birth season varies regionally, with most pups being born between mid-May and early-July in northern B.C., and between early-July and late-August in southern B.C.

It is very important to Do Not Disturb! Harbor seal pups need time ashore! Mother seals will not return if people and dogs are nearby. The best thing to do is to leave the animal alone. Stay at least 100 yards away. Monitor for 24 to 48 hours. Do not feed, attempt to remove, or pour water on animals that are hauled out. Call immediately if the pup is wounded.

Some Moms may choose public areas such as boat docks. They are less leery of people. As shown in the photo taken by Peter Hamilton of Lifeforce Ocean Friends, this mom and her pup are finding life quite comfortable. Not so much for the human who has to moor the boat. They leave when he arrives to the boat but slow tomove when returning. That is part of enjoying nature!

Federal marine mammal regulations prohibit harassing seals on shore in order to stop human disturbances. To report injured wildlife and violations call immediately: BC - 1-800-465-4336.For further information: Lifeforce Ocean Friends lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Did You Know?
1. Pups taken to Vancouver Aquarium (VA) may be subjected to experiments and/or sent to other aquariums/zoo . VA say captives and rescues are "untapped resources" to be used as tools for lucrative grants. The UBC Marine Mammal Lab and the VA have used the 22 wild caught sea lions and 6 Fur seals for both “entertainment” and questionable experiments!
2. Attaching satellite devices, that could interfere with their lifestyles and survival, are glued to the seal's skulls. In 2016 a UBC researcher admitted that they found that even small attachment leads to 15% more energy requirements in captive experiments at VA.
3. The VA keeps blind seals. One was sent to another aquarium and drowned when caught in the drain pipe. What a poor quality of life with humans.
4. Years ago the VA misinformed the public by saying that seal moms won't nurse a pup if touched by humans. Hundreds of moms and pups were then needlessly separated.
5. In 2015 UBC Marine Mammal Research Unit, VA, and others captured 20 Harbour seals to look at salmon fry predation. The seals were subjected to the attachment of large instrument packs on their heads and backs. It was stated that the information gathered could lead to a West Coast seal hunt.

Canadian Whale Protection Regulations 2019

posted on August 3, 2019

Canadian Whale Protection Regulations 2019

New Information released in 2019.

West Coast Humpbacks Play And Breach!

posted on July 23, 2019

West Coast Humpbacks Play And Breach!

July 23, 2019
Whale News

West Coast Humpbacks Play and Breach! WATCH THE VIDEO: Humpbacks Play and Breach!

This past Sunday, during Lifeforce Ocean Friends studies of cetacean behaviours, we were fortunate to obtain rare video of two Humpbacks breaching together. They were breaching and playing for an hour.

Peter Hamilton also found the new whale to the Comox Valley waters and was able to obtain a clearer fluke identification. The Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) have asked him to provide a name for their ID catalogue. Last July he also found new Humpback visitor that he named “Flier” for the plane-like shape on the fluke and the multiple breaching. According to MERS the Lifeforce photos taken on Sunday found that “Flier” was actually travelling with this new one.

Ocular, the humpback injured by fishing gear, was photographed last year by Lifeforce and he/she has also returned to our waters. The injuries have healed but are still very prominent. Many Humpbacks have also been hit by boaters.

Be Whale Wise
The Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations states that at least a 100 meter distance must be kept from Humpback Whales. Boaters must be 200 meters away if Humpbacks are resting or with a calf. In addition, use extreme caution by keeping up to 400 meters when in the area of "bait balls" with masses of birds feeding because Humpbacks may be actively foraging and breaching.

There have been major life threatening injuries to both humans and whales. To learn more you can watch the Lifeforce education video, "Humpback Heaven or Hell?" at Shaw TV HUMPBACK 101.

For Further Lifeforce Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Stop Ubc Experiments On Endangered Orcas!

posted on July 2, 2019

Stop Ubc Experiments On Endangered Orcas!

July 4/19
News Update

Help Stop this Waste of Orca Protection Money! Help Put Orca Rights First!

Lifeforce Urges Everyone to Immediately Email: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Minister Johnathan Wilkinson, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Johnathan.Wilkinson@parl.gc.ca; Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, Catherine.Mckenna@parl.gc.ca; BC Premier John Horgan premier@gov.bc.ca; BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver, andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca; and WA State Governor Jay Inslee, govoutbound@iq.governor.wa.gov;

Thoughts to send:
1. Stop UBC Research Harassment of the Endangered Orcas! Put Orca Rights First! Stop the plan to chase and attach large instrument packs to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs), Northern Resident Killer Whales (NRKW) and Transient Mammal Eating Orcas.
2. This invasive research is a waste of scarce time and money. Obviously orcas know how, when and where to hunt for salmon. The overfished endangered Chinook salmon must be saved with immediate moratoriums and habitat restoration!
3. Chasing the orcas to attach the instrument packs causes unnecessary, harmful psychological impacts including stress. The sonar equipment could interfere with orcas’ sonar used to find and catch salmon. Marine Mammal Regulations advises boaters to turn off their sonar equipment so do not allow sonar to be attached to the orcas.
4. The drag caused by the instrument packs can result in increased physical needs. This can result in failure to study true feeding behaviours, inhibiting the orcas’ foraging and increasing their need for salmon.
5. Do not issue permits under the Species At Risk Act (SARA)!

July 2/19
News Information

Re: Stop UBC Research Harassment of the Endangered Orcas! Put Orca Rights First!

Researchers from the University of British Columbia plan to chase and attach large instrument packs to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs).

With a 1.1 million dollars federal grant UBC are asking questions such as if it getting harder for orcas to catch salmon? (Research also includes putting data trackers in 100 Chinook to see if they are better at avoiding orca by diving deeper.) In fact orcas know how to find food but the Chinook salmon populations are endangered from human overfishing, etc.. That is the threat! Fishing moratoriums needed immediately!

This research harassment is a waste of time and money that should be spent directly on Chinook recovery projects. This is another example of the peer review research industry continuing to ask endless questions to continue the lucrative grants and jobs! Who is protecting the SRKWs’ Rights?

Chasing the orcas to attach the instrument packs causes unnecessary, harmful psychological impacts including stress. And the drag of the instruments results in increased physical energy needs as found in other species that was nearly 20%. This results in failure to actually study any true foraging behaviours.

These experiments and the other cumulative studies interfere with the orcas’ lifestyles and freedom! These orcas are suffering enough! In 2018 the ailing J50 was chased, shot with darts and subjected to other experiments then died as predicted. Also, for 17 days, a mom mourned the loss of her newborn.

UBC Must Let Them Be! Boat traffic is a known threat to SRKWs so restrict research vessel traffic too!

Help Stop this Waste of Orca Protection Money!
Help Put Orca Rights First!
Immediately Contact: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Minister Johnathan Wilkinson, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Johnathan.Wilkinson@parl.gc.ca; BC Premier John Horgan premier@gov.bc.ca ; BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca; and WA State Governor Jay Inslee, govoutbound@iq.governor.wa.gov;

Sign and Share the “Orcas Must Not Be Treated like Lab Animals” Petition NO MORE EXPERIMENTS.

Further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Lifeforce has been fighting to save these orcas from extinction since 1993. You can contribute to protecting these orcas by signing and sharing the petition and through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. YES I WANT TO HELP ORCAS AND MAKE A DONATION.

Orca Month: Orca Action #6

posted on June 29, 2019

Orca Month: Orca Action #6

As the June Orca Action Month ends it is just the beginning of upcoming actions to protect the rights of orcas. The ocean habitats are the homes of indigenous orcas. They live in all oceans of the world. They have their cultures and language. However, they do not have rights to live without humans violating their lives!

I reminisce of past accomplishments and failures for the rights of other sentient beings with whom we share this planet:
• In the 80s the City of Vancouver was the first in the world to declare an Animal Rights Day and two Vancouver Island cities were the first to ban wild and domestic animal acts in circuses.
• In 1992 Lifeforce wrote a Marine Mammal Freedom Declaration that was supported by organizations internationally.

The Animal “Not So” Rights organizations compromised. Soon only wild animal acts were prohibited. This led to their ongoing plight to perform in cities that did not have any bans... and the abuses of domestics continue today!

Lifeforce Protection of Orcas
Since the 80s Lifeforce has fought against captivity. This included all the Vancouver Aquarium expansions! In 1993, a 18’ boat was donated and we began our direct actions to stop vessel harassment of orcas. We fought for better protections.

I remember studying “Granny” (J2) and the then reported son “Ruffles” (J1). Ruffles was actually from L pod but travelled together for 34 years. The matriarch Granny led the Js, Ks and Ls when it was time to leave the Fraser River fishing grounds.

The Early Experiments
Taku (K1) lived from 1955-1998. He was captured in 1973 and kept for 2 months. Before he was set free, he had two notches cut into his dorsal fin for easy identification and was fitted with a radio transmitter to track him. A transmitter was also bolted onto transient # T014. Major dorsal fins injuries occurred.

Fortunately the researchers realized that all orcas were not identical and could be identified by their unique markings. But the SRKWs are still being studied to death! In 2016 an L pod male died from an infection from a tracker dart.

Some individuals and organizations now jump on the Save the Orca bandwagon. They are trying to rewrite the history of them actually supporting orca captivity and research. They did not ring the alarm bells that lack of food due to over fishing, pollution and vessel traffic were destroying both the orcas and their home waters!

Lifeforce volunteers were trailblazers! On water: Harassed by whale watch companies that waked our little research boat! On land: Our truth challenged by the aquarium industry!

In the 80s we helped defined the new Animal Rights Movement. We even freed wild caught baboons from lab experiments through the first of its kind Canadian Cruelty to Animal Charges. Now we continue to define the Rights of Orcas! To Be Continued...

In Respect For All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

All Orcas Need Protection!

posted on June 24, 2019

All Orcas Need Protection!

Orca Month: Orca Action #5

All orca ecotypes are threatened by the same main impacts on the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs). They Are Not Thriving! As claimed by media and others. Northern Resident Killer Whales (NRKWs) are estimated at only 309 members. Between 1998 and 2001 there was a decline due to the lack of salmon. There are only approximately 400 Mammal Eating Transients from California to Alaska.

Alarm Bells should be heard and quick responses taken if a population declines below 1000 members. Lifeforce raised the question in the 90s that if we are fighting to protect at that time the 500 belugas in the St. Lawrence and 300 Right Whales on the East Coast why are we not doing anything for the orcas? Now the present 800 belugas and 500 Right Whales have increased protection in Canada. So include all orca ecotypes!

Full protection is necessary as shown with the plight of A pod (NRKWs) and their boat injuries - 3 severe hits in one family alone! Food for both the “Residents” and the Mammal Eating Transients are also highly polluted with many toxins. This is certainly a possible deadly impact on their future survival as well.

Take Action: Protective measures for all Ecotypes! Restrict Boat Traffic Including Research Boat Traffic!

Watch the Video: “Orca Family Sharing A Meal” with “Tumbo”. Tumbo who was born in 2005 has scoliosis. He has a deformed spine and dorsal fin. It is sad that it is difficult for him to forage and to keep up with his family. However, his family cares for him by sharing their food and waiting for him to catch up. A very sympathetic species! You Tube Orca Family Sharing a Meal.

Sign and Share the Petition: Over 5000 people have signed this very important Petition to protect endangered orcas!
Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals.

Donate to Lifeforce: Lifeforce has been fighting to save these orcas from extinction since 1981. You can contribute to protecting these orcas by signing and sharing the petition and through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. Lifeforce Donation.

Your Support to “Protect All Orcas” Is Needed Now!”

Transboundary Protection To Protect The Rights Of Orcas!

posted on June 20, 2019

Transboundary Protection To Protect The Rights Of Orcas!

Orca Action Month #4

June 20 Summary
Re: Report “Transboundary Efforts and Equal Rights for Orcas!” to SRKW Task Force

Joint US and Canada Orca Protection will hopefully be resolved with the discussions on transboundary efforts to recover Southern Resident orcas. There must be “Equal Laws” as stated in our petition that we started over 2 years ago. That was a partial victory towards taking some steps towards harmonizing boater distances. Petition For Equal Laws .
Our petition urges Canada to take similar actions. Save the Orca Families Now!
Petition to Save Orca Families.
During the WA SRKW Task Force meetings Lifeforce submitted our recommendations to the Governor’s Orca Task Force. Our final submission was “It is Black and White: No More Compromises! Keep the SRKWs Alive!”

Equal Laws for Equal Rights!
1. Boat Distances Must Be Consistent in the US and Canada Critical Habitats!
2. Stop All Harmful Boat Traffic Including Excessive Research Boat Traffic!
Read this important Petition to protect endangered orcas! Petition No More Harmful Experiments!
3. All Critical Habitats Must Be Protected!
4. Mega Projects Must Be Stopped!
Both US and Canadian governments must stop mega projects that threaten orcas. This includes the proposed Delta Port Terminal 2 and the 40 year Westshore Terminal plans. Both are in the SRKW Critical Habitat.
5. Sewage Treatment Plants Harming Salmon and Orcas!
All sewage treatment facilities must be immediately upgraded to the highest health safety standards in Canadian and US waters.
6. Immediate Phase Out of Fossil Fuels and Phase In of Green Industry Technology!
7. Orca Natural Health Protection with No More Harmful Experiments!
Questionable research methods, such as using dart trackers that killed a SRKW in 2016, have been permitted in the US but not in Canada (Stop Bararbic Darting!). In 2018, J50 suffered from various types of experiments that included chasing and shooting darts into her by both US and Canadian researchers.The experiments have been funded by NOAA Fisheries and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (funded by Sea World after the public opposition to captivity exposed in the Blackfish documentary).
8. There must be Joint Canadian and US Environmental Impact Studies/Legislation/Treaties for the Protection of Transboundary Species and Shared International Waters!
a. Stop Lummi Nation Salmon Feeding Plans!
All must heed the warnings “Do Not Feed the Wildlife!”
b. Stop US and Canada Salmon “Farming”!
Atlantic Salmon Fish Farms continue to threaten the survival of West Coast Salmon and SRKWs.
c. Stop Canada’s West Coast Seal Kill and US Blaming of Pinnipeds!
Canada: The “Pacific Balance Pinniped Society” is seeking permits to first kill 50,000 seals and sea lions then 3000 to 5000 every year afterwards. The seals and sea lions would be inhumanely clubbed, shot (rifles and shotguns) and harpooned by crossbows! More information at this Petition! Petition to Save Pinnipeds!
US: Task Force Recommendation #13 was about blaming pinnipeds for human overfishing and proposals to kill them. Targeting one species won’t stop the lack of salmon problems. From herons to bears to whales there are numerous species that eat fish. People can go to grocery stores but wildlife has no choice.
9. Disturbances from Other Noise Sources!
There should be joint discussions between the US and Canadian governments for matters that impact the SRKWs in each country. This would include the Military tests with detonation of bombs, sonar and firing ranges, Seismic testing, Marine construction that includes pile driving, Fireworks displays, Film crews, Boat regattas and other potentially harmful activities.

Full Report: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com
Lifeforce Ocean Friends https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Friends-1442963759271400/

Take Action > June Is Orca Action Month!

posted on June 14, 2019

 Take Action > June Is Orca Action Month!

Say No Again to “Roberts Bank Terminal 2” Destructive Expansion Plans!
Public Meetings Ends June 24th!
The hearings are open for public comment to support No Expansion in order to Protect Endangered Orcas and the Salmon They Need! Public Hearing Schedule to June 24, 2019

Please Read the Lifeforce Info Poster: Respect Equal Rights for Orcas! Contact Lifeforce if you would like further information lifeforcesociety@gmail.com
Email: Review Panel Secretariat, Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

Re: Canadian Cetacean Ban Will Perpetuate Captivity

posted on June 10, 2019

Re: Canadian Cetacean Ban Will Perpetuate Captivity

June 10, 2019
News Release

“Canada’s enactment of a ban on the captivity of whales and dolphins proves that there is nationwide opposition to cruel captures and imprisonment. Although it is gratifying to have this support, the Bill “permits legitimate research and the rescue of animals in distress”. This will perpetuate inhumane captivity and experiments”, stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, “Why is so-called “legitimate research” allowed? It is a bias peer review, publish or perish research industry! Lifeforce has fought against this exemption! It is a violation of Cetacean Rights!”

This bill may even help the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) and other industries plans to get lucrative grants to use captives and “rescues” as “untapped resources” treated as experimental “tools”! This was stated at a 2007 conference held at the VA. The meeting included the US Navy. They actually agreed with many issues by those opposed to captive experiments with marine mammals. They discussed the major differences between captives and those living in the wild.

Hamilton further states, “The aquarium industry knows that cetacean captivity is not supported so they are trying to rebrand it as saving “rescued” cetaceans for "conservation" experiments. For decades the wildlife that aquariums and zoos claimed cannot be returned to wild has been a free worldwide animal market.

The VA states that they will fight to keep “rescues” at the aquarium for any long term “care” and experiments until whenever they may find another aquarium. But they do not include more humane options such as sea pens. Sadly, this could include orcas, belugas, False killer whales, porpoises and other dolphin species.

In addition, a noisy public aquarium is not suitable for any treatment and recovery. They are subjected to more human disturbances even during the many events and parties in the evenings. That is why true wildlife rescue includes “hospital peace and quiet” during rehabilitation.”

Many cetaceans die in the wild. It is common practice for wildlife rescue organization to euthanize unrealisable wildlife. If people are against capturing and imprisoning wild cetaceans then they should also be against keeping them imprisoned for experiments! The suffering of a dolphin captured from the wild is the same as dolphins “rescued” from the wild! We must not justify saving “rescues” for them to suffer in captivity. (Note: Many of the “rescued” seals do die every year at the VA centre.)

If a cetacean is being considered to be “rescued” then there must be 1. A Cetacean Rights Review Committee, including animal protection organizations, to decide humane actions. 2. Any rehabilitation for release must be done in sea pens.

The Canadian Cetacean Ban is a major step forward! Unfortunately, the battle to end the captivity of cetaceans will continue! All Cetacean Captivity Must End!

For further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com


Since the 80s: Lifeforce has fought against captures and captivity across Canada. Including, Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria with their holding module lockup to all cetacean expansions at the Vancouver Aquarium (in 1984, 1988-90, and the last ongoing expansion in 2006) to Churchill Manitoba in 1990 that exposed the abusive captures of 3 belugas and stopped international captures and exports

1982: Lifeforce and Greenpeace stopped the capture of Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) by the Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, BC.

1996 and 2017: Fought for a Vancouver Park Board Cetacean Ban Bylaw in 1996 and the improved one in 2017.

June 7th Update: Orca Action Month

posted on June 6, 2019

June 7th Update: Orca Action Month

Orca Awareness Month was started 11 years ago by the WA based Orca Network. Beginning this year it will be Orca Action Month!
First it was the “Awareness” of the plight of orcas and now taking “Action” is gravely needed. For over 25 years government, industries and others failed to heed the warnings by organizations such as Lifeforce.
In 2018 the world saw that orcas were sentient beings with families like humans. People worldwide witnessed the mourning of 20 year old J35, Tehlequah, who carry her dead baby over 1000 miles for 17 days. In 1995, it was not widely publicized but also seen in captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. After her first 2 babies had been taken from her, the orca Bjossa stopped staff from taking her third dead baby from her.
Later in 2018 the ailing J50 was dying and died after being chased and subjected to experiments. Now many more people are now realizing and feeling their suffering!
Since the 80s Lifeforce fought for Animal Rights (AR) and helped defined the AR movement. Now the rights of these indigenous native orcas must be protected against industries’ pollution, overfishing, experiments and boat traffic (including research vessels).
Now protecting the Indigenous Rights of Orcas is tantamount to their peace and survival. It is their Home!
Equal Laws and Equal Rights are needed to save them! Learn how at Lifeforce Ocean Friends Facebook OCEAN FRIENDS FACEBOOK.

Orca Awareness Month! June 2019!

posted on June 1, 2019

Orca Awareness Month! June 2019!

In addition to BC, Washington and Oregon, the Canadian Cities of Vancouver and Victoria have also joined! Please Read: LIFEFORCE OCEAN FRIENDS.

Lifeforce has been fighting to save these orcas from extinction since 1993. You can contribute to protecting these orcas by signing and sharing the petition and through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. DONATIONS LINK.

Thank you!

Urgent Way To Save Moms!

posted on May 11, 2019

Urgent Way To Save Moms!

Please Read and Support This Mother's Day Poster.

Thank You To All Moms!

posted on May 11, 2019

Thank You To All Moms!

Thank You To All Moms!
Respect all mothers everyday. Share this petition to stop the killings of seals and sea lions on the West Coast of British Columbia!

Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!
More information at this Petition!

Ccac Draft Animal Welfare Assessment

posted on May 2, 2019

Ccac Draft Animal Welfare Assessment

May 2, 2019

To: Jumoke, jfasoyinu@ccac.ca; justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Ginette.PetitpasTaylor@parl.gc.ca; kirsty.duncan@parl.gc.ca;

From: Peter Hamilton, lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Re: CCAC guidelines: Animal welfare assessment.

Since 1981 the Lifeforce Foundation has been instrumental in raising public awareness of the use of animals for testing and experiments. Lifeforce was not advised of this Canadian Council on Animal Care assessment. Due to other commitments we cannot make a full response by May 3rd.

We will say that basically these proposed guidelines claims it will monitor "animal welfare" but not animal rights. It further states that it will address some “welfare” issues but not all because it is may be part of the experiments and other excuses. This alone once again fails to protect animals in research laboratories.

This “assessment” does very little to even address "welfare" issues. It does nothing to question the use of animal models and stopping such experiments. It does not mandate “guidelines” as part of legal requirements. It does not review all proposed experiments such as “pilot studies”. It also fails to make all inspection and other records to the public as required in the US. Transparency is lacking!

The CCAC Founding principles states “In addition, CCAC guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the implementation of Russell and Burch’s Three Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) (Russell and Burch, 1959).” However, you focus on the “primarily the principle of Refinement”. You must include Replacement and Reduction! There has been no reduction over the years! There is no phase out goal as Lifeforce proposes in our Stop Vivisection Canada! campaign. I submit the information in the Facebook and the Petition as part of the records of the CCAC Assessment.

Facebook FACEBOOK.

Stop Vivisection Canada! Petition > PETITION.

Stop Vivisection Canada! A Phase Out Plan must be part of animal welfare and rights, protecting human health and stopping any environmental pollution with biohazards etc..

World Day For Animals In Laboratories April 24th!

posted on April 22, 2019

World Day For Animals In Laboratories April 24th!

Since the 80s Lifeforce has exposed many abuses in research laboratories through our peaceful, direct action investigations. This includes laying the first Canadian Cruelty to Animal charges that stopped the 4 month restraint of wild caught baboons in experiments at the University of Western Ontario. Previously I was asked to help PETA in the Silver Springs Monkey investigation to get that to court – the first in the US!

Lifeforce Present Campaigns
National: Stop Vivisection Canada!
Local: 1. BC Firefighters Funding Burn Experiments that Lifeforce had previously stopped but was recently discovered by the Animal Defence and AV Society to have restarted. 2. St. Paul’s Hospital Jim Pattison Research Building Campaign. We have made first contact with Jim Pattison and produced a video about the vivisection history at St. Paul’s.

Presently the Canadian Government may become the 40th country to stop testing of cosmetics on animals. This is a major step forward to ending all experiments on animals! We hope that banning “cosmetic” testing of ingredients that have been repeatedly tested for decades will also include experiments with other products such as pesticides, cleaning products and countless more!

Vancouver Aquarium Plans to Expand Experiments
The proposed Canada wide ban on cetacean captivity is a major accomplishment but would perpetuate captivity. It would permit keeping “rescues” for scientific research!

The Vancouver Aquarium (VA), UBC and others considers captives and rescued wildlife as “untapped resources” for their highly questionable experiments that can cause pain, suffering, and death. The grants by vested interest companies and government can be very lucrative.

Presently, starting in 2007 plans were made at a conference, “Marine Mammals in the Lab: Tools for Conservation and Science”, held at the VA to discuss how to get lucrative government, military, and private business grants. The meeting included the US Navy. They actually inadvertently agreed with many issues by organizations opposed to captive experiments with marine mammals. They also discussed the major differences between captives and those living in the wild.

Why “Animal Models” Do Not Help Our Health?
Numerous doctors agree that vivisection retards scientific progress because these animal models are unlike naturally occurring human diseases or injuries. The researchers are not looking at the human malady. Furthermore, many methods tested, such as drug therapies, react differently on various species of animals because there are major biological and anatomical differences between species in addition to sex and age differences. Data obtained from animal models cannot be reliably extrapolated to solve human problems.

Vivisection 101
Read Lifeforce’s Facebook to learn about inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments on animals. To learn about this multi-billion dollar industry, including companies manufacturing guillotines to restraint devices, go to Stop Vivisection Canada! STOP VIVISECTION CANADA!.

Let’s End Vivisection
Vivisection can be phase out within the next ten years. This is similar to phasing out destructive industries causing Global Warming and phasing in planet friendly technologies.

Please help protect all life. In 2019, there will be worldwide events this April 21st to 28th and more. You can help stop the multi-billion dollar vivisection industry in order to protect animals and people!

We have nearly reached $1000 of our $10,000 goal to be able to continue our important work. You can also contribute through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. Please Donate Here.

To Respect and Protect All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director

Stop The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion!

posted on February 23, 2019

Stop The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion!

Feb 23/18: Canada’s National Energy Board announced their decision to approve the controversial Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion. This is their second approval following a Court order to review their first decision. They were supposed to review the impact on the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales whose families number only 75 members.
The NEB even acknowledged that the Trans Mountain project is "likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects" on endangered southern resident orcas. But it claimed that “benefits” to Canadians is worth the “risk”. No “risks” that knowingly can cause the extinction of a population should be permitted!
If they build another pipeline it will increase shipments of diluted bitumen from Alberta to British Columbia. There would be an increase oil of tanker traffic moving through Burrard Inlet from 30 to over 400 every year. A bitumen spill is very hard to cleanup and would permanently harm ecosystems! Remember that the one Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska devastated orca populations and other marine wildlife.
In addition to risking the survival of these orcas it will increase Green House Warming. This pipeline decision is a pivoting point between the death blows to all life with expanding the fossil fuel industry and the saving of all life changes from phasing in the safe Green Energy Industry! This Trans Mountain expansion would perpetuate pollution for decades!
This Oil Pipeline plan still has to be approved by the Federal politicians. It is time for all to put the politics aside. We must all change our lifestyles! We must all continue to fight to Save the Orcas and the Planet!
For further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Sign and Share the Petition to the Canadian Government: Save the Orca Families Now!
Help Get 250,000 Signatures!
Save Orcas and the Planet Petition!

Lifeforce has been fighting to save these orcas from extinction since 1993.
Thank you! For Voicing Your Support to “Save the Orcas Now!”

Say No To Seal And Sea Lion Slaughter!

posted on February 17, 2019

Say No To Seal And Sea Lion Slaughter!

Lifeforce is releasing this new petition to urge the government to not approve a West Coast Seal and Sea Lion Hunt.

A First Nations group with connections to the commercial and sport fishing industry is lobbying the Canadian Government to permit a West Coast Sea lion and Seal Hunt! “The Pacific Balance Pinniped Society (PBPS)” wants to start a new industry to market the unsafe meat for “high end” restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia and for pet food! They also want to sell fur and blubber oil for vitamins. There is a ban on seal-based products in Europe and other countries that includes meat, boots, and coats from the East Coast Seal Hunt.

The PBPS want to first kill 50,000 seals and sea lions then 3,000 to 5000 every year afterwards. The seals and sea lions would be inhumanely clubbed, shot (rifles and shotguns) and harpooned by crossbows!

Please Sign and Share!

Super Natural BC?
Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!


Re: Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals!

posted on February 10, 2019

Re: Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals!

Take Action Now! Protect Orcas!

1. Immediately put a moratorium on the harmful, invasive research that includes over 15 years of failed experiments! It has been proven that this research has not prevented the ongoing threats to orcas!

2. Take immediate actions that have immediate benefits by enacting the Emergency Orders under the Species At Risk Act and US laws. (Read petition: https://www.change.org/p/join-us-in-asking-johnathan-wilkinson-catherine-mckenna-marc-garneau-and-justine-trudeau-to-save-the-orca-families-from-extinction)

3. Canada and US governments should enact a public comment period with full disclosure of all experimental plans. Requests for information by Lifeforce Ocean Friends were not answered. Endangered orcas must not be studied to death by cumulative experiments that have been part of the problems NOT solutions!

4. Stop these life threatening experiments funded by lucrative aquarium industry grants and our tax money!

For further information: Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Ocean Friends lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Please Sign and Share this Very Important Petition!

Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals!

Moratoriums Not Slaughters!

posted on February 6, 2019

Moratoriums Not Slaughters!

To: DFO Minister Jonathan Wilkinson and
DFO Regional Director Paul Cottrell
Re: Feb 7/19 - Fishing Industry Meeting with DFO to try
to Kill Seals and Sea Lions!
There is scientific proof that targeting “predators” will not save salmon!
Say No to a Senseless Slaughter! Say Yes to Fishing Moratoriums!

The Ponds Of Tears!

posted on January 1, 2019

The Ponds Of Tears!

The Big Pond Problems
For over 25 years I have been studying the behaviour and travel patterns of cetaceans. There is so much more that we have yet to learn from these complex, intelligent whales and dolphins. History has proven that humans were more interested in profits from the killing and captivity of these sentient beings. Industries have also broken the fragile ocean food chain that we all depend on. Fishing moratoriums on salmon, herring and many others must be implemented or there will be barren ponds forever. Saving the ecosystems of Little Ponds is also in grave need.

“Ponds of Tears”
While I have included images of the precious nature moments there are also the “Ponds of Tears” that shows the sadness that continues. Precious lives continue to endure the suffering.

I continue to expose the Lifeforce “3 Es” that look at How Humans “Eat, Entertain, and Experiment”. Our education campaigns expose the endless animal abuses while humane and healthier alternatives are available. Lucrative industries continue to profit from their suffering.

Starting in the 80s, Lifeforce exposed the atrocities of experiments on animals, animals in captivity exploited for entertainment and animal cruelty for food. Lifeforce accomplishments include the shocking photos of spinal cord experiments on kittens; investigating and laying the first Canadian Cruelty to Animals Charges that stopped the chronic restraint of wild caught baboons in research; the first bans on both wild and domestic animal acts in circuses; helping stop the Sealand, BC capture of the endangered Southern Resident orcas in 1982, proposing a Vancouver Cetacean Bylaw that now bans captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium; abuses in animal transport and much, much more.

We must go “Green” to phase out all the pollution industries. And I have always realized that the answer to ending experiments on animals is our “Stop Vivisection Canada!” campaign. This gives this billion dollar industry the maximum of 10 years to phase out – similar to replacing gas with electric vehicles. Read about the facts and the lucrative businesses ranging from animal breeders to manufactures of literally “torture” devices.

Peter Hamilton

The Big Ponds

posted on January 1, 2019

The Big Ponds

In 2019 please think of ways to help all life. Your valued moral and financial support of Lifeforce’s volunteer work is also greatly appreciated.
May the New Year Bring Peace for All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director
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