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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Earth Day Must Be Earth Year!

posted on April 21, 2018

Earth Day Must Be Earth Year!

Orcas are the largest members of the dolphin family. Porpoising is a common behaviour. Here is a normal porpoising with the rare belly up porpoising that Lifeforce documented in March. This was not a back flop that orcas also will do quite often. Lifeforce's Peter Hamilton has studied cetacean behaviours for over 25 years.
These special lives are yet another reason to try to save orcas and oceans > Petition to Save Orcas and Oceans.

Ocean Friends Education Kits

posted on April 5, 2018

Ocean Friends Education Kits

Here is our Ocean Friends Education Kit that includes loads of information about orcas, humpbacks and other marine wildlife. It also includes Bird Wise to test your knowledge of local birds. There will be a new Humpback Field Guide and a Mammal Eating Orca Field Guide in the near future. The $25 includes an Ocean Friends Membership with a personalize Ocean Friends Certificate. Kids love it! Here's a photo.
Please join the Lifeforce Ocean Friends Facebook for all the news about our Wild Ed Adventures! Click Here to Be an Ocean Friends Facebook Follower.

Enact The Emergency Order To Save Orcas And Oceans!

posted on March 16, 2018

Enact The Emergency Order To Save Orcas And Oceans!OPEN LETTER

Object: Enact the Emergency Order to Save the Orcas and Oceans!

Dear Minister Dominic LeBlanc and Minister Catherine McKenna:

I am writing to you on behalf of over 100,000 concerned citizens that have signed our petition, asking you to save the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) and others. Other organizations have asked you to take emergency actions by the beginning of March. This species is on the brink of extinction, with only 76 family members left. They can be saved, but we need you to take immediate action.

The “Oceans Protection Plan” is a major step forward but it can’t wait for another 5 to 11 years of studying orcas to death! We are asking you to implement an Emergency Order to save the SRKWs under the Species At Risk Act. The emergency order should include:

• Guarantee Safe, Abundant, and Healthy Food - Moratoriums must be implemented to rebuild the presently broken ocean food chain. Harmful fish farms, that threaten wild salmon, must be closed;
• Stop Vessel Traffic Noise and Harassment;
• Prevent and Clean up Pollution;
• Enforce Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) - MPAs must restrict activities, such as fishing, that interferes with and threaten orca’s lives. They must be increased in Canada and the US;
• Stop Invasive Experiments and the Cumulative Impact of Research on Orcas - As other orca populations are also at low numbers all satellite darting (spearing) and skin biopsies, that permit a pathway for infections and cause deaths, must be stopped.

The fragile ocean food chain has been broken for many years and needs to be immediately restored. Taking the necessary action to save the remaining SRKWs and others will also contribute to the general health of our oceans and wildlife.

We trust you will do what is right and we sincerely look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible. I hope that we will soon discuss a detailed plan with you to protect the wildlife and ecosystems.

Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Ocean Friends
Contact: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com

Enact the Emergency Order To Save Orcas and Oceans!.

Petition To Save The Orca Families Now!

posted on February 20, 2018

Petition To Save The Orca Families Now!

Please sign and share:
Save the Orca Families Now!
Save the Orca Families Now!

Dear Minister Dominic LeBlanc and Minister Catherine McKenna,

This petition requests that you take immediate action to protect the endangered Southern Resident orcas who live off British Columbia and Washington State.

As the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, you both are responsible for taking action to implement an emergency order under the Species at Risk Act for these orcas who have been facing imminent threats to their survival and recovery.

The three major causes of their rapidly declining population is lack of food, vessel traffic/harassment, and pollution. There are only 76 Southern Residents remaining!

If you fail to make an emergency order you will be contributing to the extinction of these iconic, intelligent beings who live in family pods for their entire lives. Will you tell Cabinet to Save the Orca Families?

Captive Cetaceans Still Need Lifeforce's Help!

posted on February 12, 2018

Captive Cetaceans Still Need Lifeforce

Dear Friends:

First the Good News is that BC Supreme Court upheld the Vancouver Parks Board right to implement a bylaw to prohibit cetacean captivity in City parks but said the present lease agreement would exempt the Vancouver Aquarium (VA).

Also a lot of people were foolishly persuaded and thought a VA announcement that they would stop the public display of cetacean was great news . However, the VA simply plans to rebrand by keeping/trading cetaceans who are “rescued”. This battle will continue!

Also, the recently announced Fisheries Act “Improvements” Will Not Stop Cetacean Harassment and Captivity!
These are part of the Lifeforce letters:

To: Dominic LeBlanc, Fisheries Minister and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
All Orcas Need Better Protection!
Fisheries/DFO finally will increase some boat distances to the Southern Resident orcas but not other at risk orca populations. Please See Lifeforce Petition: Equal Laws to Protect West Coast Endangered Orcas! Petitioning Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard:https://www.change.org/p/dominic-leblanc-minister-of-fisheries-oceans-and-canadian-coast-guard-dominic-leblanc-parl-gc-ca-equal-laws-to-protect-west-coast-endangered-orcas

All Cetacean Captivity Must End!

“The public acceptance of keeping these majestic creatures in captivity has changed and we think the law should also change to reflect that so we’re going to ban the taking of cetaceans,” Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc told reporters in Vancouver. “We think Canadians massively support that principle.”
If you agree that “The public acceptance of keeping these majestic creatures in captivity has changed …” then I hope that you would be consistent in your principles and will protect all healthy and unfortunate cetaceans from a life of suffering in an aquarium tank.

The proposed Canadian ban on cetacean captivity would permit imprisoning whales and dolphins under the Aquarium/DFO bias claims that they cannot be released! AND Bill C-68 allows the minister to make exemptions for cetaceans that are injured and those that need to be rehabilitated. The goal of wildlife rescue is to release them and if they are truly unable to be returned to their homes then they are euthanized. Unlike the Vancouver Aquarium, East Coast DFO and rescue organizations have reunited nursing belugas with pods instead of a life in captivity. (Note: a high percentage of the “rescued” seals die every year at the VA centre.)

For decades the aquarium and zoo industry used their pro captivity agenda to profit from a worldwide free wildlife market that includes this whale and dolphin laundering. Their exploitation of “animal ambassadors”, who did not volunteer to be captured and imprisoned, failed as now 50% of wildlife populations shave been lost in the past 40 years. The Billion Dollar Aquarium and Zoo industry should spend the money on protecting habitats not prisons and fake education.

The Vancouver Aquarium states that they will fight to keep “rescues” at the aquarium for any longer “care” until whenever they may find another aquarium but not humane options such as sea pens and a chance at freedom. Sadly, they and others will try to perpetuate captivity.

Please read our petition: https://www.change.org/p/pbcomment-vancouver-ca-end-cetacean-captivity-at-vancouver-aquarium/u/22282195

Whales and dolphins still need our help! For over 35 year Lifeforce has continued our fight for cetacean rights and freedoms. Our campaigns were effective and copied by many organizations that unfortunately turned it into a business and even “slept” with by working with the enemy.

Please consider making a donation to help us stop the Aquarium and Zoo Industry plans to perpetuate cetacean captivity for entertainment and experiments. It will also help us continue our public education to boaters that we started in 1993 to protect orcas, humpbacks, and others. We have our Ocean Friends Nature’s Moments programs on television and continue to create amazing education materials. Unlike most other organizations, we are on the water to document the continued need for better for DFO enforcement.

Lifeforce volunteers do all the work – no high paid staff. Your membership and donations go further with Lifeforce.

Freedom for All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Time To End All Sled Dog Exploitation! Petition

posted on February 2, 2018

Time To End All Sled Dog Exploitation! Petition

To: BC NDP Premier John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver
and ON Premier Kathleen Wynne:
The "Sled Dog" Industry abuses will never end! It is inherent in their cruel business! Time to shut it down through public boycotts and legislation!
Please Sign and Share this Petition:
Time to End All Dog Sled Exploitation!

The Vancouver Aquarium Up To Their Old Tricks!

posted on January 18, 2018

The Vancouver Aquarium Up To Their Old Tricks!

It will be the cruel captivity business as usual if the public, organizations, politicians and others fall for Vancouver Aquarium (VA) half-truths! The aquarium industry knows that cetacean captivity is not supported so they are going to try to sell it as saving “rescued” cetaceans for "conservation" experiments. Even the proposed Canadian ban on cetacean captivity presently could permit imprisoning whales and dolphins if the bias Aquarium/DFO claims they cannot be released!
For decades the aquarium and zoo industry used their pro captivity agenda for a worldwide free wildlife market that includes this whale and dolphin laundering. Their exploitation of "animal ambassadors" who did not volunteer to be captured and imprisoned failed as now 50% of wildlife populations shave been lost in the past 40 years. The Billion Dollar $$$ Aquarium and Zoo industry should spend the money on protecting habitats not prisons and fake education.
The Vancouver Aquarium spin doctors got the media credit they had planned for in spite of their continued law suit to overturn the bylaw. The headlines claim that “VA Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity” when they vehemently fought against any ban. Further, in violation of the Cetacean Bylaw, the VA states that they will fight to keep “rescues” at the aquarium for any longer “care” until whenever they may find another aquarium but not humane options such as sea pens. Sadly, they will try to perpetuate captivity.

Jan 18/18
News Release
Vancouver Aquarium Up to Their Old Captivity Tricks!
While garnishing headlines claiming that they will no longer keep cetaceans in captivity the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) will try to perpetuate the captivity of cetaceans by keeping “rescues” in display pools!
The VA said that they would continue to fight to temporarily “house animals” that aren't ready to be moved to other aquariums. However, that could mean years of captivity in Vancouver! If they keep the circus pools available they will continuously fill them under the guise of “rescue”! That could mean a variety of rotated captives as a refined business plot!
They haven’t given up on cetacean captivity. They have already sought a judicial review and wait for the judgement.
“To keep “rescued” cetaceans would perpetuate captivity. For decades the wildlife that aquariums and zoos claimed cannot be returned to wild has been a free worldwide animal market. It must be stopped!” stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, “Aquarium industry biases can influence any DFO decisions to permit captivity. Lifeforce’s inquiry to DFO asking if there are any neutral review panels went unanswered. In addition, noisy public places are not suitable for any treatment and recovery. They are subjected to human disturbances even during the many nightclub type events and parties in the evenings. That is why true wildlife rescue includes “hospital peace and quiet” during rehabilitation and releases.”
Hamilton adds, “The VA is still promoting the age old era of Victorian menageries for entertainment profits,” stated Peter Hamilton, They also hope to get more lucrative research grants for cetaceans because they have said that “captives” and “rescues” are untapped tools (Marine Mammals in the Lab: Tools for Conservation and Science, 2007). The repeated rotation of wildlife to try to keep selling admission tickets is inhumane. It is just an attempt to rebrand their captivity business as conservation. It has failed to protect species over the past decades and is time to use modern technology to educate without exploitation!”

Please Sign and Share: Stop Captivity Petition.

The present expansion plans were approved in 2006. Lifeforce has stated that these new aquarium expansion plans must be approved by the Parks Board and the City.
The "rescue" of cetaceans are rare and temporary pens can be set up if needed. Even back in 1964 a dry dock was used for the orca they harpooned and lived for 86 days. They only would want permanent pools for an extensive whale and dolphin business to get lucrative grants to experiment on them and to sell to aquariums and zoos worldwide under the guise of "conservation".
It is time they stop this cetacean slave trade !

For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

The Lifeforce Year Of Hope

posted on January 13, 2018

The Lifeforce Year Of Hope

This past 2017 brought a lot of hope for achieving the rights of sentient animals with whom we share this planet. The Lifeforce list of accomplishments was long as you can read in Lifeforce Eco News 2017 (email lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com for the PDF). In addition, more news can be found at www.lifeforcefoundation.org

To Move On in 2018
We are proud of our continued successes since 1981 but our work continues. Our strategic ground breaking campaigns has changed the way humans treat animals worldwide. Other organizations and new generations are still learning from our campaigns.

For example, in the 80s Lifeforce laid the first Criminal Cruelty to Animals Charges against Canadian vivisectors. Our investigation stopped the inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments on wild caught baboons. They were restrained for four months and it was funded by the Heart Foundation. Lifeorce continues to work to end experiments on animals. See Stop Vivisection Canada! https://www.facebook.com/StopVivisectionCanada/?ref=ts

The Lifeforce “3Es” addresses the interrelationship of human, animal and ecological issues. We look at how people can respect all life when we eat, entertain and experiment. I include a membership/donation form that will help us bring more peaceful lifestyles for all life. I hope you will remember all that Lifeforce has done and can continue to do with your support.
Please Help Bring Peace On Earth For All Life ... For All Years!

Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder