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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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The Risks And Deaths From The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

posted on July 15, 2021

The Risks And Deaths From The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project

Another Whale Dies from Ship Hit!
Humpbacks, orcas and other whale species have been seriously injured and killed by vessel strikes. Recently a 2 year Humpback died from multiple propeller cuts by a ship that even broke the jaw.

If Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is permitted there will be a huge increase in shipping and therefore many more large ships. More Ships, More Deaths!

Don’t Pave It! Save It!
Big businesses have been trying since 2005 to this massive expansion. The government has previously stopped the destruction of this precious habitat.

1. Previously the Environment Canada’s response to the Canadian Environmental Assessment process criticized the expansion at Delta Port marine container facility. The report stated: “EC has adopted the position that the risk of eutrophication within the inter causeway cannot be dismissed. If it does occur, the state of eutrophication is predicted to result in such massive environmental change between the causeways that there would be public outrage as well as agency embarrassment at an international scale, not to mention the loss of productive habitat for a very large and diverse assemblage of biota.”

2. The proposed expansions of the Vancouver Port Authority facility at Roberts Bank will result in the loss of precious marine habitat, essential for a diversity of animals, birds and fish. Increased vehicle and ship traffic will also have many negative effects on this sensitive ecosystem.

3. The negative impacts on endangered orcas, humpbacks and others include increases of ship strikes and injuries/deaths; construction noise would interrupt their lifestyles and could cause fatal injuries (such as hearing trauma); release of contaminants during construction impacting their health; increase of ship traffic noise and water pollution that can lead to poor health/death; and many more long term impacts that can affect food availability and the historic use of this habitat.

Stop More Vessels and More Whale Deaths!

Lifeforce has studied the behaviour and travel patterns of the Southern Orca Community. Some of these studies were conducted under a DFO research permit. These orcas have been designated as a highly endangered species. The area where the Roberts Bank Terminal expansion is located is a very important habitat for them and must be protected for their survival. During most of the year they travel in these waters. From approximately May to October, J pod has been joined by K pod and L pod. Other threatened populations of orca and marine mammals are also found in this area. Note: When Lifeforce requested the Terminal’s “enviromental impact studies” on existing marine mammals that they found they said the videos were undeterminable due to air pollution and weather on the camera lens.

Your Help Will Save Lives! Write to Federal and Provincial Politicians in Canada!

Orcas Action Month Ends. Will The Threats To Orcas End?

posted on June 30, 2021

Orcas Action Month Ends. Will The Threats To Orcas End?

The ocean habitats are the homes of indigenous orcas. They live in all oceans of the world. They have their cultures and language. However, they do not have rights yet to stop humans from violating their lives!
As the June 2021 Orca Action Month ends it is just the beginning of Lifeforce’s new actions to protect the rights of orcas.
Further Actions Needed:
1. Vessel traffic is one of the three major threats to orcas. The continuous barbaric, unnecessary research boat traffic must end. For decades, millions of dollars are spent on “research” and even one L Pod orca died in 2016 from a tracking dart infection. As we know, the experiments have not saved the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs). Research must be safe, humane and use modern non invasive technologies.
2. Canadian and US Governments are polluting orca homes and that also threaten salmon that is a vital food source for the endangered SRKW. Sewage Treatment plants must be immediately upgraded to provide clean ocean homes. Immediate actions must be taken to upgrade all sewage treatment plants to the highest level of Tertiary Treatment! It must be the law! Sign and Share the Petition: STOP SEWAGE POLLUTION KILLING ORCAS.
3. True Marine Sanctuaries or Aquarium Research Tourism Attractions?
There have been and are great marine sanctuaries where the goals have been to release former captive cetaceans into the wild. Freedom should be the goal.
However, some researchers fought cetacean bans by claiming it was important research that could only be done in captivity. The Canadian Cetacean Captivity “Ban” permitted “legitimate scientific research” that can perpetuate captivity. Those who support captivity and lucrative grants for experiments are advisors with some planned sanctuaries.
4. Mega Pollution Projects Must Be Stopped!
Both US and Canadian governments must stop mega projects that threaten orcas. This includes the proposed Delta Port Terminal 2 and the 40 year Westshore Coal Terminal plans. Both are in a SRKW Critical Habitat.
5. Fishing Industry versus Orcas!
Immediate fishing moratoriums are needed to mend the broken ocean food chain. Healthier plant based foods such as artificial salmon, fish fillets, crab, lobsters are available. It will help save marine life and feed a hungry world! People can choose but orcas have no choices. Our petition urges Canada to take similar actions. Save the Orca Families Now!
It’s Lifeforce 40th Anniversary! Can you Help Us Help Orcas?
Some organizations make exaggerated and/or false claims that they have protected orcas. Shockingly some have never even opposed numerous Vancouver Aquarium expansions, captivity and unnecessary research.
Lifeforce volunteers were trailblazers!
On the water: Harassed by boaters that threatened and waked our little 18’ research boat! Lifeforce got regulations to Keep Them Up to 400m from Orcas!
On land: Our facts about captivity cruelty challenged by the aquarium industry! Lifeforce proved them wrong! Vancouver Aquarium cetacean captivity banned!
Lifeforce was created in 1981 to raise public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental rights. This year, we have many projects that we hope to complete. This includes book publications and a documentary.
Donations can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal (Click on “Support Us” on www.lifeforcefoundation.org). Please use our printable donation form for all postal mail donations. DONATION FORM.

June Is Orca Action Month! Orcas Need Your Help!

posted on May 31, 2021

 June Is Orca Action Month! Orcas Need Your Help!

The three main threats to endangered orcas are lack of food, boat traffic and pollution. But there is no call for the reduction of research boat traffic. Some of the increase government research funding “To Save Orcas” continues to study them to death!

In 2019 DFO Agreed! Can’t Have Too Much Research On Orcas!

At the University of British Columbia Marine Mammal Symposium the Lifeforce question to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO) was “It is recognized that vessel traffic and noise is one of three major threats to the SRKWs. Will actions be taken to reduce the threats of research vessel traffic and their ongoing close approaches? The Regional Manager responded that even though some research is important “we also recognize that you can’t have too much research”. DFO will “work through with researchers to evaluate if we’re duplicating research and if possible combine collaboration” and look at “kind of a licensing board approach” for the “huge amount of funding” that has resulted in “a lot more research on these animals” (Southern and Northern Resident Orcas).

The cumulative impacts from all current research must also be assessed. This would include darting/suction cup tracking devices, attachment of instrument packs, collecting breath samples, gathering scat samples and biopsies. The continuous close follows of frightened orcas must end.

In addition, to a long list of government and private experimenters, there are the military experiments. Recently, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and the US National Marine Mammal Foundation are planning to capture and subject minke whales to noise experiments, causing harm and possible death.

Other deadly threats is the U.S. Navy's ability to harass, harm, and in some cases, accidentally kill marine mammals over the next seven years during training and testing activities off the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska. The navy uses sonar and detonates bombs. This can kill, disturb, injure or strand orcas and other marine mammals.

Alternatives are available to stop the excessive, barbaric experiments!

Lifeforce has been urging A New Orca Protection Plan to promote modern technological advances which would humanely increase information about the lives of the Southern Resident killer whales and other cetaceans.

This can include land based whale watching/monitoring with high power telescopes and other high tech research equipment; land based drone monitoring; hydrophones and motion sensing cameras on navigation markers and at land bases; the tracking/vocal identifications by the use of present vast government, university and other hydrophone networks in the oceans; satellite monitoring, sighting networks including whale location apps such as “WhaleReport” and much, much more.

How you can help! Lifeforce 40th Anniversary!

Lifeforce was created in 1981 to raise public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental rights. Support organizations that have truly been fighting to protect orcas! Some high profile organizations have never opposed the Vancouver Aquarium expansions and cetacean captivity. Since the 80s Lifeforce succeeded in getting a cetacean captivity ban in Vancouver and stronger Marine Mammal regulations in Canada and the US.

Spread the Word! Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals! Sign Petition.

Please Donate! Donations can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal (Click on “Support Us” on the web site). Please use our printable donation form for all postal mail donations. Donation Form.

For further Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com and www.lifeforcefoundation.org

The New World Day For All Animals In Experiments!

posted on April 23, 2021

The New World Day For All Animals In Experiments!

April 24, 2021

Stop Inhumane Experiments on Domestic and Wild Animals!

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the Lifeforce Foundation. As part of our many campaigns to protect people, animals and the environment, Lifeforce investigated and exposed research atrocities behind the closed doors of vivisection laboratories and out of public view in the wild. Lifeforce’s new plan is to protect all life by exposing the cruel, barbaric experiments on endangered orcas and numerous other marine lives.

In the 80s, Lifeforce laid the first Canadian Cruelty to Animal Charges against vivisectors at the University of Western Ontario. We stopped their four month restraint of wild caught baboons funded by a Heart and Stroke Foundation. Our major breakthrough raised public awareness of the inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments funded by government and public organizations.

Lifeforce In the Labs since the 80s

Our work continues to “Stop Vivisection Canada”. There must be a phase out period of no longer than ten years. We are also raising public awareness of the history of experiments at the present St. Paul’s Hospital since the 50s to stop it from continuing at the new 2027 hospital site in Vancouver, BC. Monkeys, dogs and many other species have been subjected to experiments including forced inhalation of cigarette smoke for 16 weeks. See our video: No New Animal Labs at St. Paul’s Hospital! WATCH VIDEO.

Please help protect all life. Read More at Stop Vivisection Canada! STOP VIVISECTION.

Lifeforce In the Wild since the 90s

This April it was revealed that a Grey whale has been suffering from a major infection due to being shot with a tracking dart on September 28th (euphemistically called “satellite tags”). The Vancouver Aquarium vet then shot the whale with antibiotics. There can be unknown side effects such as extreme sickness and death. This was a joint study between the U.S. and Canada to track already known routes.

In 2016 an endangered orca in L pod died from infection from these types of experiments five weeks after being “tagged”. At that time two Transient orcas were believed to have died. There were also 12 others with parts of old “tags” in them. In addition, Right whales had swelling from infections and “dolphins” died during “handling” to attach tags. Other research victims include Humpback whales.

A lot of harm from various types of experiments has been caused for decades. Researchers said it is always a "risk". They said that they were "dismayed" that they killed an endangered orca. The issue of pain was not discussed.

Read More: “In the Labs and In the Wild”

“The full report may shock you! The Good News is that the Lifeforce Public Awareness Plan will help implement humane, non invasive technologies and methodologies. It has been available but stopped by the old school of vivisectors!“ Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Foundation

Email: lifeforcesociety@gmail to receive a PDF copy

Earth Day April 22, 2021

posted on April 19, 2021

Earth Day April 22, 2021

Sewage Pollution and Climate Change are Major Threats to All Life!

Sewage Pollution Threats Continue!
Wildlife continues to live in harmful, polluted waters. Stopping the growing pollution and increasing costs to do so is one of the major issues facing cities worldwide. The necessary upgrades could take over 15 years if not mandated now. Contaminants such as PCBs, DDT, PFOS, PFOA, copper, phthalates, bisphenols, pesticides, microplastics and pharmaceuticals would continue to be dumped into the rivers and oceans!

Did you know that numerous cities, such as Comox, BC, are only planning less effective Secondary Treatments? They have not even applied to all governments for the needed Tertiary Funding! Also, the Comox Valley water treatment system had to be mandated by Island Health because the current system does not comply with provincial surface water treatment guidelines. Years of unhealthy “Boil Water Alerts” will finally end. The new system will finally remove the risk of viruses and bacteria, for a safe supply of drinking water.

Two of the three major threats to endangered orcas, pollution and lack of food, could be significantly reduced. In order to protect people, animals and ecosystems all governments must make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law.

Climate Change and Sewage Treatment!
Science Direct wrote, “One of the important processes of the society which is affected by present-day climate change scenario is the wastewater management. Wastewater includes municipal sewage effluents, industrial effluents and urban and agricultural runoff, which without appropriate management could be harmful to human health... the necessity for wastewater management is continuously increasing. However, emission of certain greenhouse gases during the process of wastewater treatment further contributes to the already aggravated problem of climate change. As such, there exists a nonending scuffle between the phenomenon of climate change and wastewater management, each intensifying the other problem.”

Let’s Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law!
Please use the information in this petition to urge your local politicians worldwide to make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law! Earth Day Protection Must Be Everyday!

Please Sign and Share: Make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the Law.

Lifeforce 40th Anniversary!
In celebration of the Lifeforce 40th Anniversary we hope to produce a Lifeforce Documentary. Over the decades Lifeforce created unique strategies to help define the new Animal Rights Movement starting in the 80s. Our groundbreaking investigations and campaigns were crucial to lead the way to help protect people, animals and ecosystems. We must raise public awareness of the ongoing need to end speciesism in order to finally bring Peace for All Life! Further information at www.lifeforcefoundation.org Donations can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal (Click on “Support Us” on the web site).

Comox Must Use Tertiary Sewage Update!

posted on March 7, 2021

Comox Must Use Tertiary Sewage Update!

Re: Please Save All Lives! Please Stop All Sewage Pollution!

After viewing the video of the February 3rd Council meeting, I would appreciate some clarification of Council’s position regarding implementing Tertiary Sewage Treatment instead of Secondary Treatment.

Please clarify:
1. Once again, I ask what are the costs for Tertiary Treatment? On Feb 3rd it was stated that it would only cost $8.3 million more for Option 3? Option 3 and 4 were not called Tertiary levels. What is the cost for a true Tertiary Plant now and if it was later in 10 to 15 years?
2. Once again, I ask if Council has applied to Federal and Provincial Governments for funding?

The facts if you fail to upgrade to Tertiary:
1. Up to 80% of harmful micro plastics will pollute marine habitats. The actual amounts will increase as the population increases.
2. Other life threatening pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, bacteria and viruses, will also increase as the population expands.
3. Staff said Option 2 was picked because it had “the lowest capital and operating costs of three options, the estimated Class D cost estimate for this project was $29.7M, resulting in an estimated cost impact per single family home for the preferred option to be $121 a year.” My point was that this part of the costs would be less than $4 a month if the higher treatment levels in Option 4 were chosen. That minimal increase would be acceptable for a cleaner environment. However Tertiary is needed!
4. Action is being taken to update old sewage regulations and to mandate Tertiary Sewage Treatment so it should be done now before costs dramatically increase.

Will this Council take actions now to protect present and future generations and fragile ecosystems? Councillor Pat McKenna understands that ongoing pollution of up to 80% is substantial. He said that building a Tertiary Plant now would be a lot less that “retrofitting” in the future. And Councillor Stephanie McGowan said failing to do so would be “Passing the Buck” and the oceans would continue to be “catch basins” for human pollution.

Comox Council have the opportunity to be leaders in the movement to stop the ongoing sewage pollution. Will you support the most effective, ethical Tertiary Sewage Treatment Level? Will you protect people, animals and ecosystems?

For Further Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com
“Let’s Raise A Stink To Save Orcas!” Petition at PETITION.

Lifeforce 40th Anniversary Fundraising!

posted on March 1, 2021

Lifeforce 40th Anniversary Fundraising!

In celebration of the Lifeforce 40th Anniversary we hope to produce a Lifeforce Documentary. Over the decades our Founder, Peter Hamilton, created unique strategies to help define the new Animal Rights Movement starting in the 80s. His groundbreaking investigations and campaigns were crucial to lead the way to help protect people, animals and ecosystems.

The Lifeforce Documentary is tentatively titled “Respect All Life With Lifeforce” that has always been our goal. We hope to debut it in 2021. Here is a short video as a reminder of the many victories that we achieved. Respect All Life Video.

Please help Lifeforce help all life by making a donation of money and/or time. We also need help by documentary filmmakers. This historic film will help continue Lifeforce campaigns to further our important lifesaving work. To save the future we must learn from the past. We must raise public awareness of the ongoing need to end speciesism in order to finally bring Peace for All Life!

Our Goal is $40,000. Donations can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal (Click "Support Us" on this web site). Please use our printable donation form for all postal mail donations Donation Form.

Thank you for caring. We hope to hear from you.

Gorilla Homes! Keep Out!

posted on January 28, 2021

Gorilla Homes! Keep Out!


COVID-19 cases within the wild gorilla population have not been found but COVID-19 has been diagnosed within captive gorillas at the San Diego Zoo. To protect endangered animals, precautionary actions must include suspending human contact with wild gorillas and other species! All National parks and ecotourism sites must be closed throughout Africa!

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund reports that people living near the gorillas’ homes are experiencing an increasing number of COVID-19 infections. This is causing a greater increase in food and income needs for them. The Gorilla Fund helps the gorillas by assisting local communities to get food thereby keeping them out of the forests.

Everyone must stay away in order to keep gorillas safe and healthy. Another organization, UC Davis Gorilla Docs, must not be allowed to mass vaccinate gorilla populations. The side effects from unproven vaccines could kill them!

Governments must immediately stop all such harmful access to the gorilla habitats!

Update: UC Davis Gorilla Docs representatives have stated that they want to vaccinate all gorillas. There is also the UC Davis Sea Docs that are collecting individual medical records for every endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale. They are considering vaccinating all SRKWs and are in contact with Sea World that has tested a vaccine in captives. We must stop these ongoing experiments on gorillas and orcas!
Note: Experimental vaccines for humans and animals are also inhumanely tested on monkeys and other species in research laboratories worldwide!

The Gorillas Need Only 41 More Signatures to Get to the Next Level of 1500! Please Help!
Gorillas' Rights and Freedom Petition.

Stop The Comox Valley Sewage Commission Pollution Plans!

posted on January 13, 2021

Stop The Comox Valley Sewage Commission Pollution Plans!


January 13, 2021

To: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Bernadette Jordan, Johnathan Wilkinson, Catherine McKenna, Marc Garneau,Premier Horgan; Andrian Dix, George Heyman, Doug Donaldson, Comox Council, Courtenay Council; Cumberland Council, Powell River Council, Komoks First Nation; Governor Inslee; Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, Sonia Furstenau, Andrew Weaver, Adam Olsen, Rachel Blaney, Gord Johns, Paul Manly, BC Liberals, BC NDP

From: Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Foundation

Re: Stop the Comox Valley Sewage Commission Pollution Plans!

Victoria, that was the last major city to pump raw sewage into the ocean, has built a proper Tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant. However, Canada is still dumping untreated sewage and harming oceans. This includes deadly viruses such as Covid-19 found in sewage collected in Ottawa to track the spread of the disease. Governments must mandate the optimum sewage treatment that is Tertiary Level 3!

In spite of the growing human population and health care costs, the Comox Valley Sewage Commission recently stated that they will only upgrade to Secondary Treatment. The health of people and animals must not continue to be put at risk for another 10 or more years waiting for full raw sewage protection. Shamefully Save Money on Cheaper Sewage Treatment or Save Lives Now!

“If Governments fail to make Tertiary Sewage Treatment the law, it will be tantamount to force feeding sewage to endangered orcas!” stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, “Microplastics are found in orca feces as they swallow sea water or eat fish. Microplastics contain harmful chemicals and viruses that enter the waters from inadequate sewage treatment plants. (Source US NOAA) Dolphins and beluga whales have been infected with related corona viruses. We must protect the countless endangered species and their fragile ecosystems.”

URGENT: PLEASE HELP US GET TO 15,000 SIGNATURES! Let’s Raise A Stink To Save Orcas.