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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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June Is Orca Action Month! Orcas Need Your Help!
posted on May 31, 2021

 June Is Orca Action Month! Orcas Need Your Help!

The three main threats to endangered orcas are lack of food, boat traffic and pollution. But there is no call for the reduction of research boat traffic. Some of the increase government research funding “To Save Orcas” continues to study them to death!

In 2019 DFO Agreed! Can’t Have Too Much Research On Orcas!

At the University of British Columbia Marine Mammal Symposium the Lifeforce question to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO) was “It is recognized that vessel traffic and noise is one of three major threats to the SRKWs. Will actions be taken to reduce the threats of research vessel traffic and their ongoing close approaches? The Regional Manager responded that even though some research is important “we also recognize that you can’t have too much research”. DFO will “work through with researchers to evaluate if we’re duplicating research and if possible combine collaboration” and look at “kind of a licensing board approach” for the “huge amount of funding” that has resulted in “a lot more research on these animals” (Southern and Northern Resident Orcas).

The cumulative impacts from all current research must also be assessed. This would include darting/suction cup tracking devices, attachment of instrument packs, collecting breath samples, gathering scat samples and biopsies. The continuous close follows of frightened orcas must end.

In addition, to a long list of government and private experimenters, there are the military experiments. Recently, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and the US National Marine Mammal Foundation are planning to capture and subject minke whales to noise experiments, causing harm and possible death.

Other deadly threats is the U.S. Navy's ability to harass, harm, and in some cases, accidentally kill marine mammals over the next seven years during training and testing activities off the Pacific Coast from California to Alaska. The navy uses sonar and detonates bombs. This can kill, disturb, injure or strand orcas and other marine mammals.

Alternatives are available to stop the excessive, barbaric experiments!

Lifeforce has been urging A New Orca Protection Plan to promote modern technological advances which would humanely increase information about the lives of the Southern Resident killer whales and other cetaceans.

This can include land based whale watching/monitoring with high power telescopes and other high tech research equipment; land based drone monitoring; hydrophones and motion sensing cameras on navigation markers and at land bases; the tracking/vocal identifications by the use of present vast government, university and other hydrophone networks in the oceans; satellite monitoring, sighting networks including whale location apps such as “WhaleReport” and much, much more.

How you can help! Lifeforce 40th Anniversary!

Lifeforce was created in 1981 to raise public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental rights. Support organizations that have truly been fighting to protect orcas! Some high profile organizations have never opposed the Vancouver Aquarium expansions and cetacean captivity. Since the 80s Lifeforce succeeded in getting a cetacean captivity ban in Vancouver and stronger Marine Mammal regulations in Canada and the US.

Spread the Word! Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals! Sign Petition.

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For further Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com and www.lifeforcefoundation.org