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Comox Must Use Tertiary Sewage Update!
posted on March 7, 2021

Comox Must Use Tertiary Sewage Update!

Re: Please Save All Lives! Please Stop All Sewage Pollution!

After viewing the video of the February 3rd Council meeting, I would appreciate some clarification of Council’s position regarding implementing Tertiary Sewage Treatment instead of Secondary Treatment.

Please clarify:
1. Once again, I ask what are the costs for Tertiary Treatment? On Feb 3rd it was stated that it would only cost $8.3 million more for Option 3? Option 3 and 4 were not called Tertiary levels. What is the cost for a true Tertiary Plant now and if it was later in 10 to 15 years?
2. Once again, I ask if Council has applied to Federal and Provincial Governments for funding?

The facts if you fail to upgrade to Tertiary:
1. Up to 80% of harmful micro plastics will pollute marine habitats. The actual amounts will increase as the population increases.
2. Other life threatening pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals, bacteria and viruses, will also increase as the population expands.
3. Staff said Option 2 was picked because it had “the lowest capital and operating costs of three options, the estimated Class D cost estimate for this project was $29.7M, resulting in an estimated cost impact per single family home for the preferred option to be $121 a year.” My point was that this part of the costs would be less than $4 a month if the higher treatment levels in Option 4 were chosen. That minimal increase would be acceptable for a cleaner environment. However Tertiary is needed!
4. Action is being taken to update old sewage regulations and to mandate Tertiary Sewage Treatment so it should be done now before costs dramatically increase.

Will this Council take actions now to protect present and future generations and fragile ecosystems? Councillor Pat McKenna understands that ongoing pollution of up to 80% is substantial. He said that building a Tertiary Plant now would be a lot less that “retrofitting” in the future. And Councillor Stephanie McGowan said failing to do so would be “Passing the Buck” and the oceans would continue to be “catch basins” for human pollution.

Comox Council have the opportunity to be leaders in the movement to stop the ongoing sewage pollution. Will you support the most effective, ethical Tertiary Sewage Treatment Level? Will you protect people, animals and ecosystems?

For Further Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com
“Let’s Raise A Stink To Save Orcas!” Petition at PETITION.