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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Lifeforce 40th Anniversary Fundraising!
posted on March 1, 2021

Lifeforce 40th Anniversary Fundraising!

In celebration of the Lifeforce 40th Anniversary we hope to produce a Lifeforce Documentary. Over the decades our Founder, Peter Hamilton, created unique strategies to help define the new Animal Rights Movement starting in the 80s. His groundbreaking investigations and campaigns were crucial to lead the way to help protect people, animals and ecosystems.

The Lifeforce Documentary is tentatively titled “Respect All Life With Lifeforce” that has always been our goal. We hope to debut it in 2021. Here is a short video as a reminder of the many victories that we achieved. Respect All Life Video.

Please help Lifeforce help all life by making a donation of money and/or time. We also need help by documentary filmmakers. This historic film will help continue Lifeforce campaigns to further our important lifesaving work. To save the future we must learn from the past. We must raise public awareness of the ongoing need to end speciesism in order to finally bring Peace for All Life!

Our Goal is $40,000. Donations can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal (Click "Support Us" on this web site). Please use our printable donation form for all postal mail donations Donation Form.

Thank you for caring. We hope to hear from you.