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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Moving On From 2017 To 2018
posted on December 31, 2017

Moving On From 2017 To 2018

As we move on from 2017 into 2018 I would like to thank everyone who supported Lifeforce. We have had several successes from the significant increase in support of a vegan healthy lifestyle to stopping animal experiments to protecting wildlife.

Cetaceans Win!
The Vancouver Parks Board passed a total ban on the captivity of cetaceans. The amended 1996 Cetacean Bylaw will finally end the cetacean suffering! This will help to guarantee the rights and freedoms of cetaceans not only in Canada but worldwide!
Vancouver has been a world leader in being a “Green” City. Lifeforce helped Vancouver to be the first city to declare an “Animal Rights Day” (1983); to stop animal acts in circuses; and to close the Stanley Park Zoo.

Lifeforce Ocean Friends
The Lifeforce Ocean Friends Campaign has accomplished a very successful year of marine wildlife protection, humane research and education off Vancouver Island. For example: The Comox Valley Record’s 2017 Highlights includes our documentation of orcas in Comox Harbor (attached).

Nature’s Moments
“A Year of Hope” is a review of the important work that Lifeforce Ocean Friends accomplished in 2017. We hope that everyone enjoyed our first series of Nature’s Moments programs on Shaw TV. You can enjoy them and help us protect wildlife so future generations may have many precious Nature’s Moments. View: https://youtu.be/niFD5-ICodI
View the other 8 shows:

Moving On
As we count our blessings the challenges never end. In 2018 Lifeforce will continue our strategic ground breaking volunteer work that will include bringing more peaceful lifestyles for all life.

Peace On Earth For All ... For All Years!

Peter Hamilton

Lifeforce Founder