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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Nature's Moments Season Finale
posted on December 19, 2017


Dear Friends:

Here is the final show of the Lifeforce Nature’s Moments series that I started in 2017. And it is “To Be Continued” in 2018. Nature’s Moments: A Year of Hope takes a look back at my ground breaking activism programs that has helped educate the public about the wonders and woes of wildlife. You will see a bit about me in this program and that is a bit unusual. For decades I would try to avoid any personal publicity because I always told the media that the story is not about me... it should be about those who are denied their rights and freedom! Link> https://youtu.be/niFD5-ICodI

Since the creation of Lifeforce in 1981 we have questioned conventional polices. From scientifically fallacious experiments on animals to unhealthy consumption of animals to the captivity of wild and domestic animals we challenged these powerful industries. We provided evidence to help end their financial policies that denied rights to sentient beings with whom we share this planet.

Banning Cetacean Captivity
For profit businesses have perpetuated aquarium and zoo captivity including the increasing inhumane, unnecessary experiments on captives and “rescues” that they call “untapped resources” that are “tools” for many lucrative research careers. They must stop not expand. In contradiction of their claims that “ambassadors of their kind” are needed to save endangered species the facts are that approximately 50% of wildlife populations were lost in the past 40 years. Spending billions on animal prisons instead of preserving their natural homes has proven to be part of the problems NOT the solutions.

Saving Orcas
In 1993 Lifeforce got a small boat donated to us and that allowed us to bear witness to the harassment of orcas by boaters. At that time the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) numbered approximately 84. They are now at 76. So Lifeforce started the campaigns such as educating boaters. We were verbally abused and our boat nearly capsized when “waked” by some companies. Our actions lead to laws to protect orcas and to get them endangered species status.
From “scientific” beliefs to “old wise but wrong tales” I provided evidence to stop the lies. This stopped the captivity of orcas at the Vancouver Aquarium and now there is a total ban on all cetaceans.

Nature’s Moments Reveals the Truths
As you see in Nature’s Moments I question the belief that marine mammal eating orcas will attack humpbacks in BC waters. This ecotype of orca attacks Humpbacks in other geographical areas. However there has never been a documented attack in BC. My theory is that in the Salish Sea the increasing numbers of Humpbacks have not been food sources of these orca who eat seals, sea lions, porpoise and others. Perhaps they will coexist.

I also ask if seals and sea lions are leading idyllic lives or are they victims. This is an important question since humans continue to blame them for fish depletion while whales, dolphins, herons and many other species need to eat fish. Any fish quotas for wildlife? Wildlife has no choices to go to the grocery store as do humans!

In “Rare Moments” I further challenge the old beliefs and show mutual foraging strategies between species. Most of us have seen this with gulls getting fish scraps from seals. Our humane research found wonderful symbiotic relations between somewhat unusually paired species. We documented a foraging team of humpbacks and sea lions. We saw Resident orcas and Pacific white-sided dolphins swimming and hunting together.

Lifeforce would greatly appreciate your help to continue our creative, necessary work. Please Spread the Words... Freedom NOT Captivity! and Peace for All Life NOT More Experiments! Since 1981 I have been fighting this upstream battle that now we are winning. In some cases, such as the SRKWs, they don’t have any more time for ineffective business organizations to squander donations and continue to hamper positive changes.

Please see our Membership and Donation Form to learn how you can receive our Ocean Friends Education kits, boat research trips, and much more. ( www.lifeforcefoundation.org )

Peace For All Life... For All Year,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder