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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Tiger Kills Woman? Time For Government Ban on Exotic Animals
posted on April 15, 2007

Although organizations have failed to convince government to ban breeding, selling and keeping exotic animals Lifeforce has been sucessful in stopping the exploitation of tigers/threat to public safety through bans in shopping malls and pubs.

Lifeforce, the Vancouver-based ecology organization, will be calling upon
Premier Campbell and Prime Minister Harper for a BC/Canadian ban on the
ownership of dangerous animals such as tigers, lions, monkeys and alligators.
The recent fatal mauling of a woman near 100 Mile House, BC is yet another
example of the threat that these animals pose to society.

In addition, the animals are treated inhumanely and live in deplorable
conditions. The tiger’s owner, “magician” Kim Carlton, used to live in Abbotsford and kept a tiger in his carport.

Lifeforce had previously advised Brentwood Mall that his show is against
Burnaby’s ban on such animal performances (we also convinced the mall to not rehire the International Lion Show that promoted getting a photo with lions). In addition, Bridgeport and other shopping malls stopped hiring National Animal Agency with tigers and other large cats for photo gimmicks.

Lifeforce also helped stopped the exhibit of Carlton’s tigers and a lion at a Whistler pub in 2005. We were also able to instigate a ban on performing animal acts in LCB licensed establishments which stopped shows such as the stripper Jane Jones act with a tiger.

Lifeforce has been instrumental in convincing many cities to ban animal
performances. In order to protect people and animals BC and Canada must also ban the sale, ownership and breeding of exotic animals.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Premier Gordon Campbell

For further information: Peter Hamilton 604-649-5258 or

Read the Lifeforce Letter sent to Premier Gordon Campbell requesting changes to the BC Wildlife Act.