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Chicken Farm Pollution Poses Health Threat To School Children
posted on May 28, 2008

Chicken Farm Pollution Poses Health Threat To School Children

A ground-breaking Lifeforce investigation has found that school children are being exposed to toxic pollution from a poultry operation.

Lifeforce's Peter Hamilton has talked to Fraser Health and was encouraged that they have met with BC government reps. They will try to assess the pollution risk level and what action is necessary. They may look at an epidemiological study/reviewing health records re: any increase in asthma and other illnesses. Fraser Health representative said this was a first, there is a "vacuum" of info and industry is reluctant to release data (probably because of any economic impacts).

I am glad that the Lifeforce investigation is a first for Canada and may lead to reducing the harmful pollution from the intensive confinement of animals. This will be a major health and animal welfare issue over the coming years. It will be as important as other health issues such as harmful chemicals, asbestos and tobacco. It is like trying to close the barn doors after the pollution has left and harmed people but we will work to stop further health risks.

Here is a story that Lifeforce sent to the Vancouver Province. They did a great job getting quotes from BC Center for Disease Control regarding health hazards. It wasn't clarified that poultry actually emit both large and small particulate matter that can lodge in the lungs:
Next-door farm really getting up family's noses

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