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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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World Week For Animals In Labs And The Wild Ended April 30th
posted on April 30, 2023

World Week For Animals In Labs And The Wild Ended April 30th

World Week for Animals in Labs and the Wild Ended April 30th
BUT ...

It’s A Changing World! It’s Time to Implement a Humane, Effective Research System!

Humans now understand that they have caused major harm to Earth. Global Warming is a warning that damaged ecosystems impact all life. Wastes and pollution generated from animal experimentation are recognized as a threat to environmental and human health. Millions of animal bodies are rendered as hazardous wastes. Animal waste incinerators pollute the land and water
As we try to protect all life there are major changes coming. For example, the worldwide auto industries are now phasing in electric cars. Previously Opposed! Whether it is to save the planet or if it is to replace their lucrative businesses it proves that major industries will change. Industries will find other ways!

Lifeforce 10 Year Plan to Phase Out All Vivisection!

The Lifeforce 10 Year Plan was created over 10 years ago when the ruling industries and their supporters were not open to changes. Will the lucrative vivisection industries end the failed “animal models” and phase in non animal humane, reliable methods? As with the transportation industries, Lifeforce believes this will be achieved within 10 years. Big businesses must heed the changing Health Care times. Politicians who will work to change legislation that will end vivisection no longer need to fear losing their campaign donations and business deals!

The Vivisection Industries

The Vivisection Industries have a lucrative product line of instruments of research torture tools. Even pet food companies profit and some even conduct animal experiments for tax write offs! Torture devices... NO! Products which are humane and help people and animals... YES!

New Changing Times

“Animal models” do not stop human experimental “trails” that can harm people. “Animal models” have retarded medical breakthroughs. Innovative non-animal methods are advancing biomedical research at the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods located at the University of Windsor in Ontario.
All Anti-Vivisection, Environmental and Animal Protection organizations must unite to lobby for Ecologically Friendly Research Methods. We all must compile a list of what can end now and what will follow through the Vivisection Phase Out! With cosmetic “tests” industries as one of the first.
Organizations and individuals must also find industries that are open to changes! Find one and others will follow!

The Future

Now is the time to act for the phase out of “animal models” that have been part of a very long barbaric past and presence. We must take these actions to protect people, animals and ecosystems!

Let’s All Work Together!
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Take Action Now! Start a Petition!
Donate to the Anti-Vivisection/Pro Health Organizations of Your Choice if they are part of the Phase Out All Vivisection Campaign, Contact your Governments, Contact your Doctors and get your Friends, Churches, Schools, Libraries and others to help!

The greatest gift for my birthday on April 26th would be your donation to continue the work of Lifeforce. Donations for a Lifeforce documentary and important projects can be made to Lifeforce Foundation either by mail to: Lifeforce Foundation, Box 3117, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 3X6 or through PayPal on “Support Us” on our web site www.lifeforcefoundation.org