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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Making A Donation? Why Wait For Tax Time? Save Now And Help Organizations!
posted on December 29, 2022

Making A Donation? Why Wait For Tax Time? Save Now And Help Organizations!

Making a Donation? Why Wait for Tax Time? Save Now and Help Organizations Targeted by Animal Abuse Industries!

Lifeforce has been registered as a BC Charity since 1981. In the 90s, Lifeforce also had Federal status but some of the animal industries complained to the Canadian government to stop us. The CCAC (Canadian Council On Animal Care) said that opposition to experiments with animals is not charitable. Lifeforce refused to support any type of vivisection and also the captivity of animals at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Lifeforce lost a lot of donations since some supporters wanted the tax exempt donation receipts. However, did you know that it is not 100% back on your Income Taxes? Also, the approximate 30 to 50% tax refund limit depends on your income.

You can save the refund amount right away! For example: Why not donate $50 instead of say $100 to immediately receive the maximum 50% refund without the Income Tax Time wait for only an unknown amount?

You can help fight against the animal exploiters by helping organizations who do not compromise and spend only the government allowed advocacy work (that was only 10% of any government deemed controversial campaigns). Support the Lifeforce 3s: No Animal Abuses by Eating, Experimenting and Entertainment (Aquariums, zoos, rodeos, circuses and more)!

Before you donate your time and/or money investigate the organizations’ original, creative campaigns that truly changed history! Find the true activists! There are many great groups out there! Maximize the impact of your support! Numerous Animal Rights violations that we fought against decades ago continue today! We must rethink and stop the compromises.

In Respect for All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director

In December 2018, the Canadian federal government amended the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) to allow registered charities to pursue charitable purposes by engaging in non-partisan political activities and in developing public policy, without any financial constraint. Restrictions against partisan political activities, however, remain. (New Rules Governing Political Activities of Charities - PooranLaw)