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Vote No To Rodeo Cruelty In Langley, British Columbia!
posted on June 12, 2022

Vote No To Rodeo Cruelty In Langley, British Columbia!

Lifeforce has sent the following letter to the Langley City Council including our investigative report “Rodeo 101”. So far, the responses have been positive. See Rodeo 101 video version RODEO 101 VIDEO.

Animal and Child Abuse
In 2009, Lifeforce had previously urged Chilliwack Mayor and Council; Langley Mayor and Council and
Surrey Mayor and Council to protect young children being injured at “Lil’ Britches Rodeos”. At these “rodeos” kids were crying and injured. Parents had to sign a waiver for "injury or death".

This is part of the brainwashing of the lucrative rodeo industry. These are some of the reasons that it is time to stop this cruel exploitation of animals and people. Further information/video "Bless the Beasts and the Children" Bless the Beasts and the Children.

Human Rights Violations
The proposed Langley rodeo contact is the former vice president of the Cloverdale Rodeo & Exhibition Association who, with other Cloverdale Rodeo Board Members, are being investigated by the B.C Human Rights Tribunal for alleged conspiracy to cover up racism, sexism, and physical abuse.

Rodeo Bans
Lifeforce has been investigating the animal abuses at Canadian rodeos for many years and supports a total ban. In the 80s, Lifeforce investigations of circuses led to the total ban of all circus animal acts of circuses operating in Saanich and Victoria, BC. This was a first in the world!

Over the years many rodeos were stopped. The City of Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver have banned rodeos. Bans also include several cities in the US and Europe, the U.K. and Holland.
Take Action Now!

Please email the Township of Langley mayorcouncil@tol.ca who will be addressing these issues Monday Night on June 13th. Tell them you don’t support a Langley rodeo for cruel tourism! Businesses must stop promoting violence in our society. Violence begets violence. Violence towards animals leads to violence against people. Ban rodeos and replace them with people and animal friendly events.

Lifeforce Letter to Town of Langley

Dear Council Members:
On behalf of our members and supporters in Langley, I submit one of our investigations detailing the ongoing abuse, injuries and deaths of animals exploited in rodeos. As you see this also includes “rodeo” children (“Rodeo 101”)
I have investigated numerous rodeos including the Cloverdale Rodeo and Abbotsford Agrifair and Rodeo. This report exposes some of the continued cruelty inherent with the rodeo industry. Please Vote No to Rodeo Cruelty in Langley! Please protect animals and people!
In Respect for All Life,
Peter Hamilton