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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Going Wild On Halloween?
posted on October 28, 2020

Going Wild On Halloween?

The Lifeforce Foundation urged Halloween participants to help protect sentient animals by creating personal wildlife costumes. As Friends of Animals people can help educate people as to how to protect the animal they have chosen! Wildlife desperately need help because many species are becoming extinct.

Please send Lifeforce a photo of the animal costume that you have chosen. (lifeforcesociety@gmail.com)

Lifeforce hopes to not only educate about protecting animals but sometimes to bring laughter through our photos and videos. Remember, laughter can bring peace of mind so try to laugh or tell a joke to someone everyday!

As many of you have heard about the mythical Headless Horseman who is traditionally depicted as a man upon horseback who is missing his head is this the Headless Eagle (or another back preening “trick”)? Lol...

Be Kind and Protect Animals Year Round!