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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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June Is Orca Action Month In British Columbia, Washington And Oregon!
posted on June 3, 2020

June Is Orca Action Month In British Columbia, Washington And Oregon!

Part 3
Victory! End Cetacean Captivity at Vancouver Aquarium!

After 54 deaths of cetaceans due to the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) pro captivity business a bylaw that ends all further cetacean captivity was implemented and the Aquarium's legal challenges failed. Although they may try to hold so called “rescued” cetaceans, Lifeforce has now closed our successful petition “End Cetacean Captivity at Vancouver Aquarium!”

In 2017, the Vancouver Park Board voted to ban keeping whales and dolphins in captivity at the aquarium. The VA followed with a lawsuit against the city, claiming the ban resulted in millions of dollars in lost revenue and constituted a breach of contract. Last June the Aquarium's parent company, Ocean Wise, agreed to a cetacean ban as part of a new 35-year lease agreement with the Vancouver Park Board. They also dropped its legal action against the park board over lost revenue because of the ban. The remaining lone dolphin at the VA will probably end up in a Sea World prison!

In Canada the cetacean captivity continues because this Canadian “Ban” allows keeping cetaceans for “legitimate scientific research”. In addition to cetaceans’ rights to not being subjected to experiments, life in captivity cannot be extrapolated to life in the wild! Sadly the “grandfathered” 40 plus belugas and others at Marineland, Ontario will also perpetuate captivity!

Lifeforce continues to end all cetacean captivity! Please Sign and Share this new Petition to end all captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium Zoo! https://www.change.org/p/the-honourable-navdeep-bains-be-ocean-wiser-no-more-animal-prisons-in-stanley-park

Since the 80s Lifeforce has fought against captivity. This included all the Vancouver Aquarium expansions! In 1993, a 18’ boat was donated and we began our direct actions to stop vessel harassment of orcas. We fought for better protections.

The Washington state Orca Network first started Orca Awareness Month in 2007. In 2016 BC and Oregon joined. In 2019 the name was changed to Orca Action Month because of the continued urgent actions needed to protect orcas.

Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce, remembers studying “Granny” (J2) and the then reported son “Ruffles” (J1). Ruffles was actually from L pod but travelled together with “Granny” for 34 years. The matriarch Granny led the Js, Ks and Ls shown when it was time to leave the Fraser River fishing grounds.

The Early Experiments
Taku (K1) lived from 1955-1998. He was captured in 1973 and kept for 2 months. Before he was set free, he had two notches cut into his dorsal fin for easy identification and was fitted with a radio transmitter to track him. A transmitter was also bolted onto transient # T014. Major dorsal fins injuries occurred.

Fortunately the researchers realized that all orcas were not identical and could be identified by their unique markings. But the SRKWs are still being studied to death! In 2016 an L pod male died from an infection from an unnecessary tracker dart.

Lifeforce has been fighting to save marine wildlife since 1981. Please Help Us Help Them! by making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. PAYPAL DONATIONS.

Further information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com