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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Help Celebrate Orca Action Month! June 2020!
posted on May 26, 2020

Help Celebrate Orca Action Month! June 2020!

June has been proclaimed Orca Action Month in BC, WA and Oregon in order to continue the needed protection for endangered orcas. Throughout the month Lifeforce will be emailing information about the protection that have been accomplished and what still needs to be done! We will also be on the water educating boaters about safe and respectful operations around orcas.

In remembrance of the past decades of orca protection work Lifeforce is providing our historic information through our heart warming story of what can be achieved!

Orca: A Family Story

In 1993 I wrote about the plight of orcas captured for the aquarium industry. In this fictional story I focused on the untold tale of survival by the Northern Resident Killer Whales (NRKWs). I wrote about how a reunion of “Corky” and “Yaka” with their family could be accomplished after life in aquarium prisons. I hoped for the family’s joy of being together again. Sadly, Yaka passed away in captivity and organizations continue to try to Free Corky!

The story is based on scientific and historic documentation of the A5 pod. You will learn about their complex social structure and how they live together for their entire lives if not captured. It includes a lot of historic information for those who continue or begin to take actions to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Please Help Lifeforce Raise Money For Orca Protection!

During Orca Action Month Lifeforce will be offering the book for $20 including postage. ($20 CAN in Canada, $20 US in the US and Other Countries). Please Contact Lifeforce at lifeforcesociety@gmail.com when you send your payment to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. PAYPAL DONATIONS.

All book sales and donations will go directly to the nearly 40 years of successful Lifeforce Campaigns that have helped orcas. We are all volunteers to Help Save the Orca Families!

For Freedom,
Peter Hamilton