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Sewage And Recycling Campaign: Let’s Raise A Stink For Saving Earth!
posted on January 29, 2020

Sewage And Recycling Campaign: Let’s Raise A Stink For Saving Earth!

Sewage and Recycling Campaign: Let’s Raise A Stink For Saving Earth!

Lifeforce is continuing our campaigns about Sewage, Recycling and Being Healthy! Funds must be spent now NOT over the next 30 years!

Here is part of our correspondence with local governments in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island where there is a lot of pollution! There have also been countless other polluters! In 2018 the herring fleet illegally dumped sewage that contaminated shell fish and people got sick from the norovirus (Probable cause as determined by BC Center for Disease Control). No fines were issued.

To: Mayor and Council:

Thank you for your response to our concerns about adequate sewage treatment and recycling plans in order to protect the health of people, animals and ecosystems.

Our main points:
1. “Drastic reductions” are not good enough! All Sewage Treatment Plants must be at the highest “Tertiary” Levels in order to remove all deadly pollutants (such as pharmaceuticals and micro plastics) from the ever growing human populations! The plan must be to remove 100%. If you wouldn’t “swim in it” think of wildlife that has no choices! ...Stop treating oceans as sewage dumps!
2. All Recycling Programs must include all plastics, Styrofoam etc... Promote the Goal of “If it can’t be Recycled then Don’t Make It!”
Lifeforce looks forward to discussing ways to make local sewage treatment and recycling one of the best in the world!

For A Better Planet,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder

Write to Your Local, Provincial and Federal Politicians! Demand that they Protect the Health of Humans, Animals and Ecosystems Now!