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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Open Letter To Bc Tourism Industry Re: Seal Hunt
posted on January 6, 2020

Open Letter to BC Tourism Industry

To: Minister Lisa Beare and Deputy Minister Shauna Brouwer, BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture; Tourism Industry Association of BC; Tourism Vancouver; Tourism Victoria; Tourism Downtown Victoria;

From: Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce 

Re: BC West Coast Tourism Boycott!

A group of First Nations with connections to the fishing industry is lobbying the Canadian Government to permit a West Coast Sea lion and Seal Hunt!  

“The Pacific Balance Pinniped Society (PBPS)” wants to start a new industry to market the unsafe meat for “high end” restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia and for pet food!  They also want to sell fur and blubber oil. There is a ban on seal-based products in Europe and other countries that includes meat, boots, and coats.

A BC Wide Tourism Boycott Warning!

A West Coast Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter would create an ecological imbalance further threatening endangered marine life and putting jobs at risk! If the Canadian Government permits unnecessary, inhumane hunts there will be a massive West Coast Tourism Boycott!

In 2018, the top 10 issues amassed a total of over 3 million pieces of correspondence to the Prime Minister. The number one issue Canadians are writing about is the Seal Hunt: 2,013,389 pieces of correspondence!

Super Natural BC?

The tourism industry in British Columbia describes the wonders of wildlife and nature as Super Natural BC and “The Wild Within”. All Wildlife Must Be Respected!

A West Coast Seal and Sea Lion slaughter of thousands of wildlife will result in world condemnation! There would be a BC Tourism Boycott as seen with the killing of seals in Eastern Canada?

In addition there would be bans of the pinniped products as seen in other countries such as US, Europe, Russia, Mexico and Taiwan for the East Coast Seal Hunts. The US Marine Mammal Protection Act prohibits the sale of furs, meat, pet food and blubber oil for cosmetics in addition to Omega 3 vitamins.

Let us all Hope that the BC Tourism Industry and Governments Say No! The Tourism saying “Wild Within” must not be “Wild Within Shooting Range!”                                                   

Stop the Fishing Industry’s $cam!

There is scientific proof that targeting “pinnipeds” will not save salmon!

In fact, it will directly reduce this food source for some orca species!

People Have Choices of Food – Wildlife Do Not! 

Say No to a Senseless Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!

Say Yes to Fishing Moratoriums!

Please See Petition: