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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Wildlife Killers Are Back!
posted on December 17, 2019

Wildlife Killers Are Back!

Dec 17/19
Wildlife killers are back! Tom Sewid, “Pacific Balance Pinniped Society”, is threatening a massive slaughter and demeaning “environmentalists”!

Obviously the Fur Industry is claiming that they “...think we’re on the cusp of the seal fur market in China.” But Sewid now admits that they may not be permitted to sell for human consumption due to the high, unsafe toxicity in pinnipeds!

Sewid, a First Nation person, said “So I don’t care if you’re an environmentalist. Step aside we are going to harvest seals whether you like it or not.” Will that also include other First Nations who claim that they are environmentalists?

This group want to first kill 50,000 seals and sea lions then 3000 to 5000 every year afterwards. The seals and sea lions would be inhumanely clubbed, shot (rifles and shotguns) and harpooned by crossbows!

Say No To Seal and Sea Lion Slaughter!
More information at this Petition! Please Sign and Share!