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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Dfo Agrees! Can't Have Too Much Research On Orcas!
posted on December 5, 2019

Dfo Agrees! Can

At the recent 27th Annual University of British Columbia Marine Mammal Symposium the Lifeforce question to the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO) was “It is recognized that vessel traffic and noise is one of three major threats to the SRKWs. Will actions be taken to reduce the threats of research vessel traffic and their ongoing close approaches? He responded that even though research is important “we also recognize that you can’t have too much research”. DFO will “work through with researchers to evaluate if we’re duplicating research and if possible combine collaboration” and look at “kind of a licensing board approach” for the “huge amount of funding” that has resulted in “a lot more research on these animals” (Southern and Northern Resident Orcas).
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Lifeforce is very excited to release our first Field Guide about Mammal Eating Orcas. I have discovered many new insights into the behaviours and travel patterns of orcas and humpback whales during my studies. In 2020 we will also be releasing a Humpback Field Guide.
With your Membership/Donation we will send you 2 High Resolutions PDFs of the double sided 8.5” x 11” education guide. Hard copies will also be available to schools and others. Your generosity will help us continue our important work to educate boaters and protect orcas, humpbacks and other marine life.
We are approaching Lifeforce’s 40 years of starting one of the first “ecology” organizations. I am reminded that it only takes a moment for a thought but can take a lifetime to fulfill.
In 2020 Lifeforce needs to get back on the water to continue our vital volunteer work! Your valued moral and financial support would be greatly appreciated. You can help by making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal: http://www.lifeforcefoundation.org/support.php or by mail: Lifeforce, Box 3117, Vancouver, BC V6B 3X6
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