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West Coast Humpbacks Play And Breach!
posted on July 23, 2019

West Coast Humpbacks Play And Breach!

July 23, 2019
Whale News

West Coast Humpbacks Play and Breach! WATCH THE VIDEO: Humpbacks Play and Breach!

This past Sunday, during Lifeforce Ocean Friends studies of cetacean behaviours, we were fortunate to obtain rare video of two Humpbacks breaching together. They were breaching and playing for an hour.

Peter Hamilton also found the new whale to the Comox Valley waters and was able to obtain a clearer fluke identification. The Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) have asked him to provide a name for their ID catalogue. Last July he also found new Humpback visitor that he named “Flier” for the plane-like shape on the fluke and the multiple breaching. According to MERS the Lifeforce photos taken on Sunday found that “Flier” was actually travelling with this new one.

Ocular, the humpback injured by fishing gear, was photographed last year by Lifeforce and he/she has also returned to our waters. The injuries have healed but are still very prominent. Many Humpbacks have also been hit by boaters.

Be Whale Wise
The Canadian Marine Mammal Regulations states that at least a 100 meter distance must be kept from Humpback Whales. Boaters must be 200 meters away if Humpbacks are resting or with a calf. In addition, use extreme caution by keeping up to 400 meters when in the area of "bait balls" with masses of birds feeding because Humpbacks may be actively foraging and breaching.

There have been major life threatening injuries to both humans and whales. To learn more you can watch the Lifeforce education video, "Humpback Heaven or Hell?" at Shaw TV HUMPBACK 101.

For Further Lifeforce Information: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com