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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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All Orcas Need Protection!
posted on June 24, 2019

All Orcas Need Protection!

Orca Month: Orca Action #5

All orca ecotypes are threatened by the same main impacts on the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs). They Are Not Thriving! As claimed by media and others. Northern Resident Killer Whales (NRKWs) are estimated at only 309 members. Between 1998 and 2001 there was a decline due to the lack of salmon. There are only approximately 400 Mammal Eating Transients from California to Alaska.

Alarm Bells should be heard and quick responses taken if a population declines below 1000 members. Lifeforce raised the question in the 90s that if we are fighting to protect at that time the 500 belugas in the St. Lawrence and 300 Right Whales on the East Coast why are we not doing anything for the orcas? Now the present 800 belugas and 500 Right Whales have increased protection in Canada. So include all orca ecotypes!

Full protection is necessary as shown with the plight of A pod (NRKWs) and their boat injuries - 3 severe hits in one family alone! Food for both the “Residents” and the Mammal Eating Transients are also highly polluted with many toxins. This is certainly a possible deadly impact on their future survival as well.

Take Action: Protective measures for all Ecotypes! Restrict Boat Traffic Including Research Boat Traffic!

Watch the Video: “Orca Family Sharing A Meal” with “Tumbo”. Tumbo who was born in 2005 has scoliosis. He has a deformed spine and dorsal fin. It is sad that it is difficult for him to forage and to keep up with his family. However, his family cares for him by sharing their food and waiting for him to catch up. A very sympathetic species! You Tube Orca Family Sharing a Meal.

Sign and Share the Petition: Over 5000 people have signed this very important Petition to protect endangered orcas!
Orcas Must Not Be Mistreated Like Lab Animals.

Donate to Lifeforce: Lifeforce has been fighting to save these orcas from extinction since 1981. You can contribute to protecting these orcas by signing and sharing the petition and through making a donation to Lifeforce Foundation through Paypal. Lifeforce Donation.

Your Support to “Protect All Orcas” Is Needed Now!”