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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

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Transboundary Protection To Protect The Rights Of Orcas!
posted on June 20, 2019

Transboundary Protection To Protect The Rights Of Orcas!

Orca Action Month #4

June 20 Summary
Re: Report “Transboundary Efforts and Equal Rights for Orcas!” to SRKW Task Force

Joint US and Canada Orca Protection will hopefully be resolved with the discussions on transboundary efforts to recover Southern Resident orcas. There must be “Equal Laws” as stated in our petition that we started over 2 years ago. That was a partial victory towards taking some steps towards harmonizing boater distances. Petition For Equal Laws .
Our petition urges Canada to take similar actions. Save the Orca Families Now!
Petition to Save Orca Families.
During the WA SRKW Task Force meetings Lifeforce submitted our recommendations to the Governor’s Orca Task Force. Our final submission was “It is Black and White: No More Compromises! Keep the SRKWs Alive!”

Equal Laws for Equal Rights!
1. Boat Distances Must Be Consistent in the US and Canada Critical Habitats!
2. Stop All Harmful Boat Traffic Including Excessive Research Boat Traffic!
Read this important Petition to protect endangered orcas! Petition No More Harmful Experiments!
3. All Critical Habitats Must Be Protected!
4. Mega Projects Must Be Stopped!
Both US and Canadian governments must stop mega projects that threaten orcas. This includes the proposed Delta Port Terminal 2 and the 40 year Westshore Terminal plans. Both are in the SRKW Critical Habitat.
5. Sewage Treatment Plants Harming Salmon and Orcas!
All sewage treatment facilities must be immediately upgraded to the highest health safety standards in Canadian and US waters.
6. Immediate Phase Out of Fossil Fuels and Phase In of Green Industry Technology!
7. Orca Natural Health Protection with No More Harmful Experiments!
Questionable research methods, such as using dart trackers that killed a SRKW in 2016, have been permitted in the US but not in Canada (Stop Bararbic Darting!). In 2018, J50 suffered from various types of experiments that included chasing and shooting darts into her by both US and Canadian researchers.The experiments have been funded by NOAA Fisheries and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (funded by Sea World after the public opposition to captivity exposed in the Blackfish documentary).
8. There must be Joint Canadian and US Environmental Impact Studies/Legislation/Treaties for the Protection of Transboundary Species and Shared International Waters!
a. Stop Lummi Nation Salmon Feeding Plans!
All must heed the warnings “Do Not Feed the Wildlife!”
b. Stop US and Canada Salmon “Farming”!
Atlantic Salmon Fish Farms continue to threaten the survival of West Coast Salmon and SRKWs.
c. Stop Canada’s West Coast Seal Kill and US Blaming of Pinnipeds!
Canada: The “Pacific Balance Pinniped Society” is seeking permits to first kill 50,000 seals and sea lions then 3000 to 5000 every year afterwards. The seals and sea lions would be inhumanely clubbed, shot (rifles and shotguns) and harpooned by crossbows! More information at this Petition! Petition to Save Pinnipeds!
US: Task Force Recommendation #13 was about blaming pinnipeds for human overfishing and proposals to kill them. Targeting one species won’t stop the lack of salmon problems. From herons to bears to whales there are numerous species that eat fish. People can go to grocery stores but wildlife has no choice.
9. Disturbances from Other Noise Sources!
There should be joint discussions between the US and Canadian governments for matters that impact the SRKWs in each country. This would include the Military tests with detonation of bombs, sonar and firing ranges, Seismic testing, Marine construction that includes pile driving, Fireworks displays, Film crews, Boat regattas and other potentially harmful activities.

Full Report: lifeforcesociety@gmail.com
Lifeforce Ocean Friends https://www.facebook.com/Ocean-Friends-1442963759271400/