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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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The Vancouver Aquarium Up To Their Old Tricks!
posted on January 18, 2018

The Vancouver Aquarium Up To Their Old Tricks!

It will be the cruel captivity business as usual if the public, organizations, politicians and others fall for Vancouver Aquarium (VA) half-truths! The aquarium industry knows that cetacean captivity is not supported so they are going to try to sell it as saving “rescued” cetaceans for "conservation" experiments. Even the proposed Canadian ban on cetacean captivity presently could permit imprisoning whales and dolphins if the bias Aquarium/DFO claims they cannot be released!
For decades the aquarium and zoo industry used their pro captivity agenda for a worldwide free wildlife market that includes this whale and dolphin laundering. Their exploitation of "animal ambassadors" who did not volunteer to be captured and imprisoned failed as now 50% of wildlife populations shave been lost in the past 40 years. The Billion Dollar $$$ Aquarium and Zoo industry should spend the money on protecting habitats not prisons and fake education.
The Vancouver Aquarium spin doctors got the media credit they had planned for in spite of their continued law suit to overturn the bylaw. The headlines claim that “VA Bans Whale and Dolphin Captivity” when they vehemently fought against any ban. Further, in violation of the Cetacean Bylaw, the VA states that they will fight to keep “rescues” at the aquarium for any longer “care” until whenever they may find another aquarium but not humane options such as sea pens. Sadly, they will try to perpetuate captivity.

Jan 18/18
News Release
Vancouver Aquarium Up to Their Old Captivity Tricks!
While garnishing headlines claiming that they will no longer keep cetaceans in captivity the Vancouver Aquarium (VA) will try to perpetuate the captivity of cetaceans by keeping “rescues” in display pools!
The VA said that they would continue to fight to temporarily “house animals” that aren't ready to be moved to other aquariums. However, that could mean years of captivity in Vancouver! If they keep the circus pools available they will continuously fill them under the guise of “rescue”! That could mean a variety of rotated captives as a refined business plot!
They haven’t given up on cetacean captivity. They have already sought a judicial review and wait for the judgement.
“To keep “rescued” cetaceans would perpetuate captivity. For decades the wildlife that aquariums and zoos claimed cannot be returned to wild has been a free worldwide animal market. It must be stopped!” stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, “Aquarium industry biases can influence any DFO decisions to permit captivity. Lifeforce’s inquiry to DFO asking if there are any neutral review panels went unanswered. In addition, noisy public places are not suitable for any treatment and recovery. They are subjected to human disturbances even during the many nightclub type events and parties in the evenings. That is why true wildlife rescue includes “hospital peace and quiet” during rehabilitation and releases.”
Hamilton adds, “The VA is still promoting the age old era of Victorian menageries for entertainment profits,” stated Peter Hamilton, They also hope to get more lucrative research grants for cetaceans because they have said that “captives” and “rescues” are untapped tools (Marine Mammals in the Lab: Tools for Conservation and Science, 2007). The repeated rotation of wildlife to try to keep selling admission tickets is inhumane. It is just an attempt to rebrand their captivity business as conservation. It has failed to protect species over the past decades and is time to use modern technology to educate without exploitation!”

Please Sign and Share: Stop Captivity Petition.

The present expansion plans were approved in 2006. Lifeforce has stated that these new aquarium expansion plans must be approved by the Parks Board and the City.
The "rescue" of cetaceans are rare and temporary pens can be set up if needed. Even back in 1964 a dry dock was used for the orca they harpooned and lived for 86 days. They only would want permanent pools for an extensive whale and dolphin business to get lucrative grants to experiment on them and to sell to aquariums and zoos worldwide under the guise of "conservation".
It is time they stop this cetacean slave trade !

For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com