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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Point Roberts Orcas and More

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The Lifeforce Year Of Hope
posted on January 13, 2018

The Lifeforce Year Of Hope

This past 2017 brought a lot of hope for achieving the rights of sentient animals with whom we share this planet. The Lifeforce list of accomplishments was long as you can read in Lifeforce Eco News 2017 (email lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com for the PDF). In addition, more news can be found at www.lifeforcefoundation.org

To Move On in 2018
We are proud of our continued successes since 1981 but our work continues. Our strategic ground breaking campaigns has changed the way humans treat animals worldwide. Other organizations and new generations are still learning from our campaigns.

For example, in the 80s Lifeforce laid the first Criminal Cruelty to Animals Charges against Canadian vivisectors. Our investigation stopped the inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments on wild caught baboons. They were restrained for four months and it was funded by the Heart Foundation. Lifeorce continues to work to end experiments on animals. See Stop Vivisection Canada! https://www.facebook.com/StopVivisectionCanada/?ref=ts

The Lifeforce “3Es” addresses the interrelationship of human, animal and ecological issues. We look at how people can respect all life when we eat, entertain and experiment. I include a membership/donation form that will help us bring more peaceful lifestyles for all life. I hope you will remember all that Lifeforce has done and can continue to do with your support.
Please Help Bring Peace On Earth For All Life ... For All Years!

Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founder