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Lifeforce Statement On Beluga Deaths
posted on November 26, 2016

Lifeforce Statement On Beluga Deaths

November 26, 2016
On November 25th the Vancouver Aquarium said that the last beluga was recovering. However, “Aurora”, the mother of “Qila” who died on November 16th, died late Friday. She is the 21st beluga who has died as a result of the Vancouver Aquarium cetacean slave trade. The causes of these deaths are unknown.
Lifeforce is deeply saddened at the lifelong captivity and deaths of “Aurora” and “Qila”. We also deeply regret that the capture of “Aurora” and others were permitted. Hopefully it will now be banned.
Broken Beluga Promises
“Aurora” was one of three captured in and taken to the Vancouver Aquarium. In 1988, the Vancouver Aquarium and the Vancouver Park Board stated “Will the Aquarium be collecting new whales for the new facility? No. The new facility is designed for the existing three belugas; 2 females and a male.” However, when one died the Aquarium captured three more belugas in 1990. The pool was then overcrowded, aggression occurred, and some belugas were kept in a tiny research pool out of public view.
In 1990, Lifeforce’s court action failed and we went to Churchill, MB to bear witness and hopefully stop the captures. At least our actions led to a ban on any further captures and exports by other countries.
For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com