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Suzuki’s Aquatic Circus?
posted on October 24, 2015

Suzuki’s Aquatic Circus?

The David Suzuki Foundation is selling this “greeting Card” as part of a fundraiser. Dressing up wildlife for some human’s laughs and demeaning their beautiful free spirits as dress up dolls is what the despicable aquatic circuses are doing. It is speciesist!
Tell them to stop! communitygiving@davidsuzuki.org


Here is what the David Suzuki Foundation said but more importantly did not say!

Form Letter

“Thank you for sharing your opinions about the artwork on our holiday card with the beluga wearing a Santa hat. This art is simply a whimsical illustration. Funds raised from the sale of these cards go towards many of our programs, including work protecting at risk species, including belugas. ...”

They added about their work with Greenpeace to stop an oil port in “threatened whale’s critical habitat”. However they did not address the captivity of belugas and others.

Lifeforce response:

It appears that your Foundation misses the point or does not want to address it. Wildlife are amazing creatures as themselves. To demean them as cartoon characters, as does the abusive aquarium industry, perpetuates speciesism and captivity. It is not “whimsical” or funny in this day and age. Would the David Suzuki Foundation sell aquarium tickets? To many that card gives the same message!

For decades many organizations have fought to save the St. Lawrence Belugas and many other cetaceans. Lifeforce also helped raised the issues of the low populations of orcas off our coast. That has led to them being designated as endangered. Our numerous Marine Life Programs have added to the protection of cetaceans. You can find the information at www.lifeforcefoundation.org.

We also were the first to have our investigations lead to the first bans in BC on wild and domestic animal acts in circuses. These were the first in the world. The proof is there that these and aquatic circuses result in physical and psychological abuses. I hope that one day your Foundation will stop being amused at what could be at their expense.

The Earth Island Institute sent an excellent email to The David Suzuki Foundation.
It is amazing that your foundation would stoop this low to promote yourself using captive marine mammals such as belugas dressed as Santa for a holiday card.

You are doing a dis-service to wildlife by demeaning whales that are prisoners in circuses with this photo.

Do you really think this is educational?
This shows you have no respect for the marine environment. This type of promotion has no place in 2015.

You should be ashamed.

Mark Berman.
Associate Director
Earth Island Institute
Berkeley, CA

Please write to: The David Suzuki Foundation;

Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director