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The Pro Captivity Ontario Bill Must Include A Captive Cetacean Ban
posted on September 12, 2015

The Pro Captivity Ontario Bill Must Include A Captive Cetacean BanThe proposed Ontario Bill would perpetuate animal abuses by the aquarium/zoo industry. It would legalize the exploitation of all dolphin species with the exception of orcas in the future. But not even the captive orca now in Marineland.
As far back as the 80s Lifeforce fought for the first bans on animal performances in circuses and other appalling businesses. We did not “regulate” circuses, a tiger in strip tease act, photo gimmicks with baby chimps, performing parrot shows, and other wildlife, etc.. So why are some people giving blind support to regulating aquatic circuses instead of including a phase out? The suggestions to improve the proposed regulations by other organizations should be implemented only during the phase out of all captives.
The Victorian age mindset of menageries for entertainment must end and NOT BE REGULATED.

The Bill must include prohibiting the breeding and possession of orcas and all other cetaceans in Ontario. Wonderland did it. The physical and psychological necessities of dolphins cannot be provided for in captivity. Importing any species directly or indirectly captured in the wild for any reason must also be prohibited. This would include the “rescued” ones that provide a free source of “actors” for the aquarium industry that often claim they cannot be released.
I have studied the behaviour and travel patterns of orca on the West Coast for over 20 years. I attach a copy of the Orca Field Guide (www.lifeforcefoundation.org) that was one of the results of my research. My work and that of many others also resulted in protection for orcas and others in the wild and captivity.
The aquarium industry always has been part of the problems not the solutions. The Vancouver Aquarium started the orca slave trade in 1964 when they tried to harpoon one to kill as a model for a sculpture. They presently look at captives and rescued animal as “untapped resources” for experiments. And over 22 sea lions captured from the wild have been shared between the aquarium and the UBC Marine Mammal Unit (where the writer for the improved aquarium standards works). Marineland continues to get wild caught belugas from yet unknown populations in Russia.
The Other Victims Too
In general, all marine mammals and other zoo wildlife must be phased out. Former staff at Marineland brought forth appalling stories about the seals, and other victims too.
A panel of marine mammal and animal rights experts must look at the most humane future for the lone orca presently at Marineland.
Other organizations admitted that the numerous deficiencies in the proposed Bill will make the regulations open to interpretation and difficult, if not impossible, to enforce. The present Bill will not change the plight of animals in aquariums and zoos. It will perpetuate the cycle of abuses. The unknowing public will think “standards” will stop the cruelty if animal protection organizations condone it without the condition that the end goal must be the end of cetacean captivity.
At least the Senator, the Green Party, and some others got it right:
Senator wants ban.
Voice Your Opinion! Monday, September 14, 2015 is the deadline for submissions.
For more information see:
1. Government of Ontario consultation notice at
2. The proposed Standards of Care and Administrative Standards at
3. See photos of behind the scenes at Marineland in this Toronto Star post
Marineland. and CKTB post at More Marineland.

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