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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Trophy Killing!
posted on July 31, 2015

Trophy Killing!

“Trophy” Killing! Will It End Before More Lives End?
There has been recent intensive media regarding the barbaric baiting and so called “sport” killing of endangered wildlife.

In Africa a lion was lured off a nature preserve and shot with an arrow by an American dentist who paid $50,000. The lion was tracked for 40 hours and eventually put out of his misery with a gunshot. No thanks to the hunters who just wanted their purchase. He was then skinned and decapitated for a “trophy”. LION BEHEADED

In BC, a guide outfitter association awarded a member a “top hunting” award. That hunter had been charged with illegally baiting a grizzly bear. BC GUIDE BAITING BEAR

We must also remember former Vancouver Canuck player, David Booth, and his continued killing of wildlife. For example, baiting bears in Alberta. Lifeforce had challenged him to a “Mantracker” type challenge. He did not respond. DAVID BOOTH

Lifeforce made this video Make Love NOT Wildlife War!

The Governments’ cruel support and licensing must end. Shooting with a camera provides far more revenue and jobs (not that money should justify the killings anyways). Tell your local politician! Will it end before more lives end? We must protect wildlife!