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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Gay And Animal Rights At Winter Olympics
posted on December 15, 2013

Gay And Animal Rights At Winter Olympics

News Release

Lifeforce Urges Vancouver to Fight for Animals Rights at Winter Olympics

Vancouver will be sending openly gay Councillor, Tim Stevenson, to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. This is to take a stand Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law.

The host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics also plans to showcase two wild-caught orca whales and use an endangered dolphin as a torchbearer before the opening ceremony during the games in Sochi, Russia.

This violates the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Environmental Mandate, which makes conservation a top priority, and Agenda 21, which insists the games will be conducted, “with the preservation of the natural environment in mind,” and strongly suggests that “all upcoming Olympic developments will be carried out with a commitment to environmental consciousness and sustainability.”

There is growing worldwide public opposition to the abuse of orcas and other dolphins in captivity. This is due to “Blackfish” that exposes the cruelty at SeaWorlds. This movie includes Lifeforce’s rare footage of the orca abuse at the now defunct Sealand in Victoria, BC . The Vancouver Aquarium continues to work with SeaWorlds.

Further, it has been suggested that some orcas also appear to participate in “gay” activities. It's rare for animals to be exclusively homosexual, but bisexuality is common. While male orcas seem to relish their same-sex romps, they mate with females, too. Lifeforce’s orca studies have also found seeming “gay” play between males in the wild. Homosexual behavior is common in captivity.

Lifeforce commends Vancouver politicians for fighting for justice for all. We hope that they will include the rights of gay and straight orcas too. Vancouver could help stop the Russian dolphin abuses. They can also protect animal rights from stopping the Vancouver Aquarium expansions (being funded by environment polluters such as TECK and public tax money.)

For Further Information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com