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Deer Killing Capital Bc! Oak Bay, Central Sanich, Elkford And Kimberley!
posted on November 14, 2013

Deer Killing Capital Bc! Oak Bay, Central Sanich, Elkford And Kimberley!

Help Stop the Killing Permit! There should be Peace On Earth for these gifts of nature.Please read the Poster.

You can also email the Mayor and Council in Oak Bay (Part of the Capital Regional District)

Please Support Peace on Earth for these “Gifts of Nature” with whom we are blessed with.
Oak Bay plans to kill 25 deer. This would be the beginning of a never ending slaughter. They are one of 13 municipalities in the Capital Regional District (CRD) on Southern Vancouver Island. We must also protect the Capital Resident Deer too!
There will always be “resident” wildlife because overpopulated humans continue to encroach upon their habitats. We must use nonlethal, humane solutions to live in harmony.
Read more at: Boycott BC Deer Kills.

We updated our Boycott petition. This also includes previous plans by Central Saanich. Please go to Boycott BC Deer Kills to sign and share.

December 2013
Lifeforce has updated our petition stop the unnessary massive slaughter of deer in BC. Elkford, BC said they will kill 50 deer. The killings must stop!Please share the petition with all your friends. Say No to BC Deer Killings.

December 11
Open Letter (This information has been sent to the Mayors and Councillors in Elkford (plans to kill 50 Deer), Oak Bay (plans to kill 25 deer), Central Saanich and Kimberley (plans to kill 30 deer).)

Great News! Deer Hazing with Dogs to be Permitted!

Presently there is no provision within the BC Wildlife Act, or its attendant Permit Regulations that allows for the hazing of deer with dogs. There was a temporary permit issued to Kimberley in May 2013, the trail proved that hazing can successfully remove deer from town areas.

In February 2013 Lifeforce was advised that staff is working on amendments to the regulation. Once supported by an order in Council it could go into effect in the 2013/14 fiscal year.

On December 11th Lifeforce was advised that as a regulation change to the Permit Regulation it is an identified priority regulation change by Order in Council.

Therefore the killing of deer must not proceed due to this and many other nonlethal solutions. In addition, it has been proven that “culls” have not resolved issues. Lifeforce has also proposed to local and provincial governments our hazing solutions without dogs that would not need any permitting.

Further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

Sad News
Kimberley has started their barbaric plans to kill 30 deer > Kimberley to kill deer. They killed 101 in 2012.
This town successfully got deer out of town last year by using herding dogs. But they claim they can’t count on it BUT the government will permit hazing by dogs this year!
Contact Mayor Ron McRae and Council > Mayor@Kimberley.ca; DarrylOakley;Sherry Shrieves-Adams;KGoodwin@kimberley.ca;AHoglund@kimberley.ca;DMcCormick@kimberley.ca;BMiddlebrook@kimberley.ca;JRatcliffe@kimberley.ca;