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June 2013: Orca Awareness Month
posted on May 25, 2013

June 2013:  Orca Awareness Month

Many will Celebrate BUT Orcas are Still Not Protected
It is great news that Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has declared June 2013 as Orca Awareness Month. But why did the BC Government fail to enact a similar proclamation? The Southern Community of orcas are a transboundary species that travel in both BC and US waters. They are designated as endangered in both countries.
At least for this month people in the US may look at their impact on marine environments that have resulted in orca populations becoming endangered. From aquarium captures to using chemicals that pollute to overfishing these are some of the practises that individuals can help stop. Education is neded on both sides of the border.
And what about the endless boat traffic and noise from private boats, commercial whale watch companies, and research boats? We know that such heavy traffic causes stress and interrupts lifestyles. Lifeforce’s investigations have revealed that the problems are as rampant as ever. Patrols by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have been reduced due to funding cuts.
Many Whale Watch Companies do not follow the guidelines and regulations when they are not being monitored by government agencies. It is time for regulations, stiff fines and more government enforcement.
We must also change the way whales are watch on water. This would include giving the orcas some days off and breaks during the day.

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