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News Release: Lifeforce Starts “make Love Not Wildlife Wars” Campaign
posted on April 9, 2013

News Release: Lifeforce Starts “make Love Not Wildlife Wars” Campaign

BC Trophy Hunting starts April 1 and April 15th and the Vancouver based ecology organization, Lifeforce, is launching the “Make Love NOT Wildlife War” Campaign.

In addition, throughout this week the pro hunting station Wild TV will be airing the controversial video of Canuck Hockey Player, David Booth, baiting a bear in Alberta (it is illegal in BC). Next airing is 10:30 PM April 11th.

After viewing the first show, Lifeforce’s Peter Hamilton stated, “I was shocked and disgusted at the callous, inhumane treatment of one of God’s creatures. The wounded bear tried to escape and died a slow, painful death. The next day, he was tracked by his blood then they said “just take a couple of guns to make sure he’s done”. Bow hunting is not an instant death as alleged. Booth defender Ted Nugent was fined $10,000 and given a 1 year hunting ban when he wounded and failed to track a bear. Not so responsible and ethical spokespeople.”

Lifeforce is asking David Booth, to take a stand against killing wildlife and to end his trophy hunting hobby. As a Christian he can take that higher calling as an animal rights advocate to stop animal slavery. He and Pope Francis should follow Francis of Assisi’s work as the Patron Saint of Animals. Presently, Booth boasts about killing wildlife such as numerous ducks, deer, a mountain goat, and the baited bear in Alberta

Lifeforce also stands against the exploitation of panda bears such as, “Er Shun” and “Da Mao” recently brought to Canada on a ten-year loan. We will urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to stop any plans to send Canadian wildlife as a reciprocal gift to China. The Chinese zoos are inhumane. Canadian wildlife should remain free in their homes not jailed like the Spirit Bear in the Kamloops zoo. It was shameful for the former PM Trudeau to sent four beavers to China in an attempt to get panda bears and failed.

In addition, Harper should ban trophy hunting. If he rightly would not support panda bear hunts then why permit the killing of Canadian bears?

As part of the campaign we have produced the “Make Love NOT Wildlife War” video. This is a satirical look at the humane use of arrows as done by Cupid, a pro love NOT war advocate. One who draws his bow to inspire romantic love, not to kill sentient creatures. You Tube link Make Love NOT Wildlife Wars!

We will be urging people to send polite tweets to David Booth @D_Booth7 or email him c/o fanservices@canucks.com. We also ask voters to contact PM Harper at pm@pm.gc.ca.

Read Lifeforce has previously challenged Booth to a Mantracker type hunt.


For further information: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com

NOTE: It is interesting to see Ted Nugent try to defend David Booth and hunting. With his bad rep he clearly shows the disrespect and unethical hunting practises. He was fined $10,000 and given a 1 year hunting ban when he wounded and failed to track a bear.

Incredible that he thinks that all non hunters are mean, rotten people with no brains and no souls.

June 2013 UPDATE

Canuck Hockey Player David Booth posted a new pro hunting twitter account:
David Booth@Offseason7
This twitter account is for my hunting excursions. Please follow if you enjoy hunting. pic.twitter.com/IApYbDAB3Q (photo of killed "trophy" bear)