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Stop Vivisection Canada!

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Lifeforce Holiday Donations Lost Or Stolen
posted on January 26, 2013

Dear Lifeforce Friend:
First I would like to thank you for your continue support of our important work to protect people, animals, and ecosystems for all life. Since 1981 Lifeforce has been at the forefront of the animal rights movement. Our ground breaking investigations exposed inhumane, scientifically fallacious experiments on animals, exploitation of wildlife by the zoo and aquarium industries, cruel factory farming of animals, and much more.
During the Christmas holidays most of the donations sent to Lifeforce were lost or stolen. This was the mail received from November 26th to December 17. The mail was picked up by one of our Directors at the Box 3117 in Vancouver and mailed to me on December 20th for deposit. We had just started forwarding the mail in order to save travel time and gas money. We have waited to tell you about this disappointing news in hope that the package would show up.
Lifeforce did receive all mail afterwards starting with mail that I picked up in January.
Please advise us if you did send a donation before December 17th. If you made a donation during that period and have found that your cheque has not been cashed, we hope that you will cancel it and send another one. You can also donate through PayPal (link below). Lifeforce depends on your generous support and desperately needs funding. We are volunteers and every penny is spent on our many projects.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause. We have looked at all possibilities to try to locate these donations. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. These are hard economic times for Lifeforce. We have been under a lot of stress over losing these donations. In order to prevent this from ever happening again, I personally resumed picking up the mail as I have done so since 1981.
Thank you for understanding.
In Respect for All Life,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director

Lifeforce is a non-profit Vancouver based ecology organization that was formed in 1981 to raise public awareness of the interrelationship between people, animals, and the environment. We promote animal rights and ecological responsibility. In order to develop a non-violent society we must extend our circle of compassion to include all sentient creatures with whom we share this planet. We are based in Canada but our work has no boundaries.
Lifeforce has been registered as a non-profit organization under the Society Act of BC since 1981. Your memberships, donations and bequests help us continue our important work.