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Open Letter To Management And Directors At Vancouver Art Gallery
posted on April 9, 2007

The Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit with live lizards, toads, scorpions, tarantulas, cockroaches, millipedes, and a snake subjects them to unnatural living conditions and cruelty. The installation entitled "Theatre of the World" is basically a two-metre-long plywood-and-wire-mesh cage that does not provide for basic behavioural and psychological needs. The species are from different ecosystems and are subjected to forced predator/prey conditions. Society must not condone promoting violence and cruelty in our society and to other sentient creatures. Forcing animals to fight is not art it is sadistic. Speciesism is as abhorrent as racism and sexism. A speciest has no ethical boundaries and does not draw any moral line between a bug or a bunny or a beagle. Violence perpetuates violence. Violence towards animals also leads to violence towards people. Where will it end if you condone this?