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Stop Vivisection Canada!
Stop Vivisection Canada!

Point Roberts Orcas and More
Point Roberts Orcas and More

Boycott British Columbia Deer Kills

posted on December 30, 2011

In addition to the seasonal government hunting licenses to kill deer there is this new government plan to kill "urban deer". There will be at least 225 more deer targeted. BC "wildlife management plans" continue to create imbalances of wildlife populations. Human overpopulation, urban sprawl, destruction of wildlife habitats and other contributing factors to human/wildlife conflicts must all be taken into consideration when developing policies for human, animal and environmental protection.

Please join the new Boycott BC Deer Kills Facebook at:
Boycott BC Deer Kills

On January 10, 2011 the Mayor and Councillors approved of a deer kill in Penticton, BC. Please Sign these Petitions:
NEW!!! Stop Penticton Deer Kill Plan
Stop Kimberley Deer Kill Plan
Stop Invermere Deer Kill Plan
Stop Grand Forks Deer Kill Plan

Concerned about the deer massacres in B.C.? In addition to the Lifeforce petitions you can send polite letters to the cities involved so far.
Download Concernedaboutthedeerkills.pdf

See Humane Solutions to Human and Wildlife Conflicts
Download HumaneAlternativesDeer.pdf

February Update
"As someone who has hunted, it's not a pretty sight," he said, musing about public reaction in downtown Victoria to a deer caught in a cage beating itself to a pulp trying to escape. Then the deer is shot with a boltgun "and doing the funky chicken with blood coming out of its ears," he said. "That's why I am looking at dual solutions.” (Killing deer is not pretty, Metchosin mayor warns )

NEW Petition! Boycott the CRD Deer Kill Plans
Boycott CRD Deer Kill Plan

NEW Community Flyer
Here is a Boycott BC Cities Killing “Urban Deer”! flyer. It can be customized for local communities. It will be updated as we fight for the freedom of these deer.
Download A Tulip or a DeerFlyer.pdf

February 10, 2012 UPDATE

Georgia Straight: Peter Hamilton: Stop killing deer for human mistakes in B.C.

March 6, 2012 UPDATES: 2 Boycott BC Deer Kills

Dear Mayor and Council of Invermere:

Please see the attached 388 signatures stating:
We the undersign support a worldwide boycott of any city in British Columbia, Canada that kill the urban deer. Shortly after February 24th Invermere started killing deer. We ask your city to implement humane, non-lethal methods to address any concerns. Will Invermere cancel your kill permit? I will boycott Invermere if you continue to kill innocent "urban deer"!

Dear Mayor and Council of Penticton:

I would also like to let you and the Councillors know that there are presently 529 signatures on the Stop the Penticton Deer Kill:
We the undersign support a worldwide boycott of any city in British Columbia, Canada that kill the urban deer. We ask your city to implement humane, non-lethal methods to address any concerns. Will Penticton cancel your kill permit?

News Release: A Very Merry Cow Story

posted on December 23, 2011

The Vancouver based ecology organization, Lifeforce, was told about the plight of an Angus cow on December 11th. We immediately contacted officials and organizations to instigate a rescue effort. In just only 10 days she was on her way to a sanctuary.

In March 2011 she was on the freeway and the RCMP chased her. She ended up in a Surrey park bog and bush. This herd animal was now alone. For the next 9 months she endured coyotes, vicious dogs, harassment from humans and more threats that she only knows.

This story about a very young cow who escaped the inhumane slaughter system and fought all odds by surviving for nine months in the wild near Vancouver, Canada must be told. Few others destined to be eaten have escaped and got a pass to freedom. This is cow is truly a case for kindness. A case for her freedom.

She found some vegetation through to the Fall then concerned park walkers started feeding her so she would not starve to death. She was nicknamed Nellie by some and April by others.

On December 19th a corral was setup and her food placed in it. As a “feral” cow who learnt how to defend herself she only let a few humans near her. During the first attempt to get her into a trailer she bolted and literally was airborne over a huge rock. So this Plan B was the next step.

In the morning of the 21st the gates were closed while she was eating. She remained calm all day and did not try to knock down the temporary fencing. The CDART transport trailer came from Summerland, BC. By 5:30 she was in the trailer and on her way to a safe sanctuary for the rest of her life.

Critteraid, that has a farm animal sanctuary in Summerland, BC, offered a home and their Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team provided the capture team and transport.

Now settling in to her new luxury home, she spent the first night at Critteraid using the capture trailer as her home. Now called Lady Antebellum she now has a peaceful sanctuary.

Here are the links to her happy video story:

A Very Merry Cow Story Part 1

A Very Merry Cow Story Part 2

Global TV BC News

The Great Cow Escape

News: The Very Merry Cow “Musical”

The Very Merry Cow “Musical” is now ready. Dana Lyons, musician and composer, gave Lifeforce permission to use his famous “Cows Have Guns” song. It will surely bring a good laugh to this good news story.
From the nine months of isolation in a bush to a comfortable, safe home this cow has beaten all odds. She is doing just great.

The Musical Part 1
The Musical Part 2


We hope the public will make a donation to


Box 3117,


V6B 3X6


Laws Needed To Stop Boat Threats To Orcas

posted on December 31, 2010

In 2011 the Lifeforce Foundation wants tighten regulations on the whale watching industry. “If Ottawa wants to prevent the extinction of one of BC’s most-loved animals, it must adopt these regulations that the UVic Environmental Law Centre has drafted,” Peter Hamilton of Lifeforce, unveiling a comprehensive package of proposed legal provisions to protect whales.

Recently the Lifeforce Foundation retained the University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic to develop a proposed set of whale watching regulations. After reviewing the laws and guidelines from over 30 countries, the law clinic has recommended rules to be applied to whale watching boats. See:

“Save the orcas: Regulate Whale Watching” By Calvin Sandborn And Rose Keates, Special to the Sun
Download Savetheorcas.pdf

If you haven’t already done so please consider making a donation to help Lifeforce continue to protect endangered species.

Shore And Sea Birds Part 1

posted on November 1, 2009

The following article has been published in the All Point Bulletin. This is the first of two articles that look at the diversity of shore and sea birds who live in or migrate through Point Roberts Washington.The next part will be released in December.



View Shore and Sea Bird Images:

Download ShoreandSeabirdsImages.pdf

You can also see the lateset September Wildlife Report at:

Download SeptemberWildlifeReport2009.pdf

Taking walks to view wildlife is good for your health and promotes viewing wildlife without imprisoning them in zoos and aquariums.

Please help by making a donation.

Thank you.

Life In A Toilet Bowl For Captive Belugas

posted on June 8, 2009

“First, imagine spending your entire life in a bathroom. That’s a fair comparison for belugas imprisoned in an aquarium pool and deprived of ocean freedom”, stated Peter Hamilton, Founder of ecology organization Lifeforce, “Then add to that cruelty that they will be swimming around and around and around in toxic feces and urine. It’s very sad that another beluga has been sentenced to life in a toilet bowl.”

Read Lifeforce News Release


Read Lifeforce Letter To Editor, Vancouver Sun

Tide turning on aquariums.

Read 35 Reasons To Boycott the Vancouver Aquarium


Read Lifeforce Founder's Commentary in Vancouver Georgia Straight, July 24, 2009

Peter Hamilton - Baby beluga faces life in a toilet bowl.

Baby-beluga fans must get past the attraction of a new baby at the Vancouver Aquarium and remember the plight of marine wildlife in captivity.

Lifeforce Releases Belugas: Far From Home Video

posted on June 11, 2008

The Vancouver based ecology organization, Lifeforce, has launched a new video entitled "Belugas: Far From Home" in order to raise public awareness of the plight of belugas in captivity.

"Lifeforce hopes to counteract the pro-captivity propaganda by a multi-million dollar entertainment industry that will seek to capitalize on the recent birth of a beluga at the Vancouver Aquarium." stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Founder, "The video shows the natural lives and freedoms of belugas that cannot be provided for in captivity. Being born in captivity is a life sentence and is tantamount to locking a child in a room for their entire life."

The video is a reminder of the suffering and why the planned $80 million Vancouver Aquarium expansion will result in the imprisonment of more dolphin slaves and wildlife. Although Lifeforce was successful in stopping any further imports of dolphins captured after 1996, the Vancouver Aquarium’s promotion of dolphin tourist attractions is part of the reason why captures continue worldwide.

Lifeforce is urging people to write to the Vancouver Council and Parks Board to stop the expansion and to boycott aquariums.

The video is dedicated to the 33 dolphins whom have died as a result of the Vancouver Aquarium pro-captivity policies since 1964. In addition, the Vancouver Aquarium started the orca slave trade that led to the decimation of local orca populations that are now designated as endangered.

For further information please Contact Lifeforce.

Other related reads:
The Straight Article Feature
Vancouver Aquarium Failed To Meet Deadline For Development Permit Conditions

2008 Marine Life Programs & Reports

posted on May 21, 2008

The LIFEFORCE FOUNDATION is a Vancouver-based ecology organization that was formed in 1981 to provide a public service to help people, animals and the environment.

This year Lifeforce will be conducting several Marine Life Programs, including regular reports and photos of our work on the water.

For details please visit the Lifeforce Marine Life Programs and Reports page.

Pettings Zoos: A Silent Epidemic?

posted on May 20, 2008

The Growing Petting Zoo Business May Well Be A Growing Silent Epidemic. People Are Usually Not Properly Informed About The Health Risks And Preventative Measures. Then The Children’s Complaints Of Upset Tummies, Nausea Or Diarrhea May Not Be Reported.

Lifeforce Will Be Urging The Government To Ban Petting Zoos Because Health Risks And Animal Welfare Abuses Cannot Be Prevented.”stated Peter Hamilton, Lifeforce Director, “if Governments Fails To Ban Petting Zoos Then All Such Activities Must Be Regulated And Enforced. This Is The Very Least That Must Be Done In Order To Try To Reduce The Health Hazards And Animal Abuses.

Lifeforce Will Be Sending Our 55-page Report “petting Zoos: A Silent Epidemic?” To Politicians And Responsible Agencies

Read Full Press Release

Read Lifeforce Letter re: Victoria Petting Zoo
Read Lifeforce Letter re: Stanley Park Problems
Read Related CKNW News Story

World Week Against Vivisection

posted on April 20, 2008

Lifeforce has created an Anti-Vivisection poster that we hope people will pass on and post in strategic locations.

Additional information about experiments on animals is available in our Better Living, Image Library, and Posters sections of the website.

Thank you,
Peter Hamilton
Lifeforce Founding Director

Download the World Week Against Vivisection Poster from our posters page.

Meatout 2008

posted on March 6, 2008

Under our new campaign called Save Our Species (SOS): Global Warning the Lifeforce Foundation has released seven new Vegan Flyers/Info Sheets to commemorate the worldwide Meatout on the first day of spring.

The factory farming of animals is a major cause of Global Warming. In addition to the obvious animal abuses, it produces gases and wastes that are major contributors to climate changes and health hazards.

Check out our Meatout 2008 Canada video and our Meatout 2008 info sheet.

Save Our Species (SOS): Global Warning

posted on February 6, 2008

During the next several months, the Lifeforce Foundation will be releasing several reports under our new campaign called Save Our Species (SOS): Global Warning.

In 1981, Lifeforce was formed as an ecology organization to help raise public awareness of the interrelationship of human, animal and environmental problems. We must take into account the long-term effects on all life when developing policies. Over 25 years ago Lifeforce campaigned for all to live ecologically friendly lifestyles by taking into account one's cruelty "footprint" on people, animals and the environment. The way we eat, entertain and experiment is actually a kick in the face for animals and people.

The SOS reports will look at how the industrialized use of animals is a major cause of Global Warming. For example, the conventional factory farming system produces gases and wastes that are major contributors to climate changes and health hazards. Organizations and people like Al Gore are ignoring this top contributor to Global Warming.

Read the full Lifeforce SOS #1 Report

In relation to this first report, Lifeforce has launched a campaign to raise awareness and protest again the use of Animal based Biofuel: